A Rose By Any Other Name…

Welcome…to IT in the D.

After running as Detroitnet.org since 2001, we decided it was time for a change to get more in line with all of the different things we have going on, and since we’ve had the IT in the D name running for a while…well, tell you what.  Here’s everything you need to know about IT in the D…

Detroitnet.org announces re-branding of group name to IT in the D.

Networking, collaboration, user groups, blog site, speaking engagements and a podcast bundled under a single umbrella

DETROIT, Michigan, March 13th, 2014 – Detroitnet.org, the agenda-free IT networking organization that has been around since 2001 is getting a facelift. After the 3/13 Pink Slip Party (which is being held at St. Andrew’s Hall from 5-8PM and will feature over 100 hiring managers), the group will be entirely known as “IT in the D”.

When asked about the change, partner Dave Phillips stated, “We came up with the name a few years ago to name our annual tech conference. Well, once we started our podcast, the name was a natural fit. We had no idea that the podcast would be as successful as it has become with more than 15,000 listeners from all 50 states and even internationally to each episode, coupled with the name having a nice hook, and it only made sense to bundle everything together.”

Partner Bob Waltenspiel additionally stated, “We were honestly tired of people referring to us as “Detroit.net” for so many years that we felt this change was absolutely necessary.”

Partner Jeff Mackey adds, “What started as 3 guys at a bar stool has grown beyond our imagination. IT in the D a great name, we love being a part of the Metro Detroit IT community, and we want to provide a venue for it to grow and for the area to retain this great talent we have here.”

About IT in the D
Founded in 2001, IT in the D’s mission has been to create a venue for Information Technology professionals in Metro Detroit to offer a safe and agenda-free networking venue. The group added a wildly popular blog site to help steer the IT community, a podcast showcasing local tech news, start-ups and banter, as well as numerous user-groups to help collaboration. More information can be found at http://itinthed.com.