IT in the D, Episode 33: Arrow Strategies, Bamboo Detroit, Hell Yeah Detroit and More

IT in the D, Episode 33.

I’m pretty sure that my favorite part of tonight’s episode was when Bob had the stunning realization that tonight was the 10th…

…which means next Monday is the 17th…

…which means we’re in the studio on St Patrick’s Day.  He didn’t seem amused.

However, that didn’t get in the way of us having one hell of a time tonight with Steve from Arrow Strategies, one of our sponsors for Thursday’s Pink Slip Party event at St Andrews Hall, along with David, Bryan and Amanda – the good folks from Bamboo Detroit, and we finally talked the (in)famous Doctor J from Daily Detroit into hopping on the mic with us for a while…

IMG_20140310_230609_334Seriously, this was one of those shows that could have gone on for another four hours, easily.

The dynamic in the room was just simply awesome with our guests, and we probably still could have been chatting when the sun came up.

But…all good things must come to an end, so let’s talk about the highlights from tonight.

In our first segment, as always, we handled introductions and worked our way through some news an updates from around the web that have caught our eye this past week.

For our second segment, we dove in with the Bamboo Detroit folks about their founding, what they’ve got going on these days, what being a member of Bamboo Detroit is like, and the challenges that they’re facing as a business downtown…helping others do business downtown.

Our third segment circled back with Steve from Arrow Strategies about the job market, why Arrow is as involved and engaged with us as they are, what they’ll be looking for from prospective job seekers on Thursday night at St Andrews, and why our events are about more than just finding jobs.

We got a little “Hell Yeah” in our final segment, talking with JA Staes from Daily Detroit, a massively popular blog that’s really taken off in the last six months covering a wide variety of stories and perspectives about the realities of living, working, and playing in downtown Detroit.

Again…just seriously an outstanding episode all around.

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