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Well, we’re getting quite a few new recruiters showing up these days, and along with new recruiters come some of the usual questions – how do I post jobs?  How do I get those jobs in your email blasts?  How can I get them on your site?  Do I have to pay anything?  What’s the best way for me to participate in the group?  How do I get involved with your networking events?

Getting involved with our networking events is easy – “show up”.

As far as the jobs…no, you don’t have to pay anything to post jobs.  We’re trying to help people, and so trying to make money off of that would just be lame.

As far as posting them and getting them into our site and out to our members, well, let’s take a little walk-through to make it as easy as possible…

First and foremost, make sure you’re in our group and not just in LinkedIn’s main navigation.

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The reason is simple – if you post a job in LinkedIn’s “Jobs” tab, then they’re going to want you to pay for it.  There are no charges to post jobs in our group.

So now that you’re sure you’re in the right location, let’s go ahead and get started.

– You’ve made sure you’re in our group.

– You’ve clicked the “Jobs” tab within our group. click here...

– Now you’re ready to click “Post a Job”

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Now let’s go ahead and post a job.

– Put in the title.

– Put in as much of a description as you want/can in the description field.

– Leave the “follow this job” box checked if you want to get emailed if anyone replies to your post.  If you don’t, uncheck it.

– Click the “Post Job” button.

…and you’re done.  Again, go ahead and click the image to the right if you want a look at the screen.

That’s really all you have to do.  Once that’s done, we help you get the word out from there.

Once a week…sometimes more often, depending on how many jobs are getting posted, or how close we are to a networking event taking place…we’ll take the jobs that are posted in our LinkedIn group and get them out on our site.  We have just over 2100 members in our LinkedIn group, and we average hundreds of unique visitors per day on our site as well.  Your posts will get seen, I assure you.

Because of limitations on LinkedIn, we email out to our members once per week.

That’s it.  It’s really that simple.

You might want to check out our FAQs about our events, specifically the one about recruiters:

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