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"See this?  Our website?  I just want it to suck less.  Can you make it suck less?  I have a big bag of money for someone that can make it suck less for me. " - a CTO who shall...

My cards title me “The Geek”. I have been a trained monkey watching backup tapes spin. I have been a DBA. I have been a helpdesk jockey, a developer, a tech lead and a systems architect. I have also been a manager, a director and a Vice President. Think of me as you from 10 years (or more...shut up) from now, coming back through a rift in the time/space continuum…all to tell you why you suck as a developer, and what you can do to avoid some upcoming pain that I know is coming your way...

The Lions are now four wins and no losses on the season.  The Red Wings kick off the regular season in a matter of days.  The Tigers are in the post-season battling the mighty Yankees.  Basketball...well, you can't have...