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IT in the D, Episode 39...another rant to kick things off, this one based on a stunning revelation that came our way last week about a group member. Then we dove into the 2014 Motor City Comic Con, roller derby, the Assemble Detroit event tomorrow night and a whole bunch more. Lots of fun this time around, as well as some great information, so let's go ahead and dive in...

Nothing like a little last-minute guest swapping to kick the week off in a fun gear. As the dust settled, we've got some pretty diverse and interesting guests joining us in-studio tonight...as well as some topics we're chomping at the bit to get into on the air, so listen live! I'm sure we'll touch on our event this past Thursday night at BlackFinn, as well as our May event. We've got a variety of blog entries for you to check out, and chatter galore going on in our LinkedIn group, so let's get started...



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