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IT in the D, Episode 34. For those listening last week, Bob was horrified when he realized that last Monday being the 10th meant that this Monday was the 17th, and so we'd be in the studio on St Patrick's Day. We're all very proud of him for struggling through. Some great guests also made it in-studio with us on this greenest of days, including Gary, Elyse and April from Brightwing, our old buddy Russ Dotson who's back on leave for a couple weeks from his deployment overseas, and Adam from the DLux Expo popped in for a segment, which resulted in a couple rather random celebrity phone calls into the show. All in all, a great night...so on with the recap...

IT in The D, Episode 32. We experienced some serious technical difficulties with the show last night - the live stream had some problems, and it turns out that the recording did as well. So...publishing this partial version which contains the first hour of the show for now, with the hope that recovery efforts will be successful and we'll have the rest available shortly. Because oh, man did we have some cool stuff happen during tonight's episode as Adam "D Lux" Lux joined us in-studio tonight...


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