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IT in the D was pleased to be a part of Social Media Day Detroit on Friday, June 26. Listen to the opening panel discussion during the VIP reception...which was originally supposed to be about new ways to use...

IT in the D, Episode 49. Or "Season 2, Episode 5" because no, we haven't let that go yet. We talked a lot about Detroit this episode. A lot.  We also had some issues with the board running things, so the sound's...

You can now pretty much count in hours the time remaining to our Pink Slip Party event at Saint Andrews Hall on Thursday night. What will you find at Saint Andrews Hall when you get there on Thursday night? You'll find the best and brightest in the metro Detroit information technology community. Thanks to our sponsors - Arrow Strategies, Brightwing, and New Horizons - you'll find an open bar and the phenomenal food of Bucharest Grill. You'll find people genuinely interested in helping you make some great connections, further your career, and even helping you hire someone or get hired. That's what we do. But we think that's what's really important to know is what you won't find...



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