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Well, we're counting down the final days of 2015, but that doesn't mean we don't have a lot going on. We've got a recap of our event from the 10th you should check out along with a bunch of other...

Are you assuming your way out of a job? Know where you're going to be on Thursday night?  Ready to check out The Daily Post? All set to listen in on some shenanigans tonight? Want to save some money on great beer and food? Hooked...

Facebook is getting extremely NSA-ish with a new feature. There's a friggin' gift shop at the 9/11 memorial. An asteroid whipped by the Earth at around 2am this morning. A big asteroid. Like "a really big" asteroid. Like "remember the movies Armageddon and Deep Impact?" kind of "big". It was about three times as far away as the Earth is from the Moon, but when you think about how big space in general is, that's pretty close. I'm sure we'll chat about all that and more with our guests during tonight's IT in the D live broadcast...



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