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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Frank Provenzano APRIL 21, 2017 517-335-1821 For all recent stories and announcements, please visit MEDC NEWSROOM provenzanof@michigan.org Online courses, certification available to IT job-seekers; sign-up deadline May 5 Training program expands to Flint; goal to connect employers with entry level IT talent...

I might complain from time to time about being too busy for my own good with eight kajillion things going on, but the good part is that I get a lot of random insight and topics to write about here. I also completely love the random collision of worlds effect that takes place on a fairly regular basis. For instance, I couldn't help but laugh as I stood inside the king of all dive bars on Sunday giving career advice to professional wrestlers. What's that? What can a geek like me possibly have to offer them? As it turns out, quite a lot...


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