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IT in the D, Episode 30. We had Hajj Flemings as our in-studio guest to talk about his areas of expertise like branding, social media personas, and everything else he's got going on these days. Detroit's Largest Selfie. The #DetroitWeek hashtag and activities. And a bunch more. He's a busy guy with a lot of irons in the fire, and it was great to sit down and chat with him about it all. That just scratches the surface though, because oh, did we have some fun with the latest news and events...

Our live broadcast of IT in the D tonight has us joined in-studio by a great guest. Our casual networking event is this Thursday night. The next Pink Slip Party is just around the corner on 3/13. Want to be a part of Detroit's Largest Selfie on Wednesday? After numerous requests, we've finally put together a media kit, and so those of you who have been asking about ways to get involved with us as a sponsor, we're ready to have that talk. There's the usual rounds of fun and excitement on our Facebook pages and in our LinkedIn group, so let's get rolling with the details...



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