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We constantly get told "you're doing it wrong". We're almost numb to it now, to be honest. So to have someone tell us we're doing it right...well, that's simply outstanding. Especially when it comes to the show where we're predominantly flying blind - it's not like events where we can look around and say "Hey, lots of people here doing good stuff. Solid event!" Nope, the show is all hunches and metrics and after the fact numbers and intuition and hoping that we're doing it right. Sure, we see numbers and scope the metrics...but we don't always believe them. We keep running into people who listen to our show...but we don't always understand why they listen. So it's really nice to get some feedback from someone who is a complete outsider to our group - never been to an event, never listened to our show before, doesn't know any of the three of us at all - and to hear that we're doing exactly what we wanted to do, and that even amidst the inside jokes and 80s movie montage songs...that what we're helping. Which brings us to Lauren...

IT in the D, Episode 37...and what a great time we had tonight. Bob and Dave flew without their safety net as the Voice of Reason was out of town, and miraculously, nothing seriously went awry. We were joined in-studio by Adam Kaump of One Month Apps, Tolly Marcus of Air Packet and Zing, and our go-to, unofficially official fourth horseman of the apocalypse, Jeff Haase. Couldn't have asked for a better show. Great conversations with the guests, lots of insight into cool stuff they have going on...let's go ahead and get to the details and the files so you can listen...

Episode 37 of our IT in the D broadcast is live tonight. We've got blog entries for you to read. A casual networking event is next Thursday. Our LinkedIn group has a bunch of great discussions and jobs posted. Ready for some details? Let's get started...



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