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Listen to previous episodes of the show from 2014:

Episode 72: ERSA Group, Daily Detroit, Wrapping Up 2014 12/29/2014 air date

Episode 71: Magic Book, Lift57, Social Media Coop Detroit 12/22/2014 air date

Episode 70: Original Stix, Osirius Group, Destination Liberation 12/15/2014 air date

Episode 69: Falling Down Beer Co, Daily Detroit, Social Media Coop, Kelley Jean 12/8/2014 air date

Episode 68: Hemingwrite, Woodward Throwbacks and Daily Detroit 12/1/2014 air date

Episode 67: Internet Advisor, MITechNews, Charity Event & More 11/24/2014 air date

Episode 66: Apprend, Detroit Fanfare, and The Elephant in the Room 11/17/2014 air date

IT In The D – Episode 65: Social Coop Media, Biznet 11/10/2014 air date

IT in the D: The Kids Take Over.  11/4/2014 air date

IT In The D – Episode 64: Jack Olson, Michipreneur, Patronicity 10/27/2014 air date

IT In The D – Episode 63: Motor City Drone Co, RhinoCoders and Zabka Day! 10/20/2014 air date

IT In The D – Episode 62: Falling Down Beer Company, Detroit Beer Press 10/13/2014 air date

IT In The D – Episode 61: Mobility, Mayhem, Mediation and Mischief 10/6/2014 air date

IT In The D – Episode 60: Yelp, Make This Detroit and More 9/29/2014 air date

IT In The D – Episode 59: Detroit SOUP, All Things Detroit, Daily Detroit Launches! 9/22/2014 air date

IT In The D – Episode 58: Pink Slip Party Info, Arrow Strategies, Stuff Around Detroit and More 9/15/2014 air date

IT In The D – Episode 57: Comcast’s Internet Essentials, Think Like a Magician, Pink Slip Party and More 9/8/2014 air date

IT In The D – Episode 56: CGS Advisors, GMC.com 8/25/2014 air date.

IT In The D – Episode 55: Newco and Hatch Detroit 8/18/2014 air date.

IT In The D – Episode 54: Blame It On The Rain 8/11/2014 air date.  Billy Strawter of Social Coop Media and Joanna Dueweke of Awesome Mitten

IT In The D – Episode 53: 8/4/2014 air date Taco Bell Phones, Arcade Games, Random Fun

IT In The D – Episode 52: 7/28/2014 air date Cheap Chimp and Re-Source Partners

IT In The D – Episode 51: 7/21/2014 air date Public Relations, Graphic Novels and Makers

Episode 50: 7/14/2014 air date.  Assemble, Girl Develop IT, Detroit Labs, Brightwing and More

IT In The D – Episode 49: 7/7/2014 air date Hatch Detroit, Bamboo Detroit, Daily Detroit, detroitDetroitDETROIT

Episode 48: 6/30/2014 air date Crossing the Streams, Operation Kid Equip and XICW Wrestling

IT In The D – Episode 47:  6/23/2014 air date IT in the D is NOT Rebranding, HITEC, Spincard and Valentine Distilling

IT In The D – Episode 46: 6/16/2014 air date.  Simply Social Media and Daily Detroit

IT In the D – Episode 45: 6/9/2014 air date OriginalStix.com, DISYS, Creepy Technology and More

IT in the D goes to Comic Con: Clips, interviews and chats from our Motor City Comic Con 2014 adventure.

Episode 44: 6/2/2014: The Anniversary Show with Jeff Haase and Falling Down Beer Company

Episode 43: 5/19/2014 Comic Con Recap, MEDC, Secure-24 and More

Episode 42: 5/12/2014 air date. Uber, Digerati Girls, Wrestling, Events, Daily Detroit and More

Episode 41: 5/5/2014 air date.  Templar Games, National Day of Civic Hacking, Banks, The Department of Justice and Porn, and tons more

Episode 40: 4/28/2014 air date.  Hajj Flemings and Delane Parnell talking StarterFest, other events in town, and tons more!

Episode 39: 4/21/2014 air date  Comic Con, Roller Derby, Assemble Detroit and More

Episode 39: isolate Motor City Comic Con segment

Episode 38: 4/14/2014 air date  Mark Stanislav of Duo Security talks Heartbleed, XP, and Security, Christy Rowe talks training

Episode 37: 4/7/2014 air date. One Month Apps, Zing Wireless, Air-Packet and Pssst…Hey, Man…

Episode 36: 3/31/2014 air date.  WTF is Bitcoin and Daily Detroit

Episode 35: 3/24/2014 air date  “Fashionable Ferndale” with Activ8 Gaming and the Go Comedy! Improv Theater

Episode 34: 3/17/2014. Our St Patrick’s Day edition with Brightwing, Adam Lux and Russ Dotson.

Episode 33: 3/10/2014 air date. Arrow Strategies, Bamboo Detroit, Daily Detroit and More

Episode 32: 3/3/2014 air date.  Episode 32: Tips, Tricks, Tickets and Turtles.  Guest Adam Lux of the DLux Expo Mar 28-30.

Episode 31: 2/24/2014 air date.  Episode 31: Social Media Round Up

Episode 30: 2/17/2014 air date.  Hajj Flemings, Uber, Our Event and Tons More

Episode 29: 2/10/2014 air date. The Basics, Our Events, and More Hacks

Episode 28: 2/3/2014 air date.  We’re joined in-studio by our guests from Agile and Beyond, making a repeat appearance to talk about their conference coming up in a few weeks…and they’ve got a special offer for you.

Episode 27: 1/27/2014 air date.  Just the three of us hanging out and talking about quite a few topics that caught our eye in the past couple of weeks…from the Superbowl to the Olympics, immigration law and Detroit and more.

Episode 26: 1/13/2014 air date.  We had Ben Fraser and Mike Evans in from PishPosh.tv, as well as our recurring friend of the program Jeff Haase.

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