IT in the D live broadcast: Episode 90 / May The 4th Be With You edition


The 80s have come and gone…and here we go into the 90s! So like the crack of the whip we snap attack, front to back, in this thing called rap…’cuz we got The Power.

Not only that, but it’s May the 4th, so we’ve got many, many layers of geekification to get to, especially since we have a trio of brilliant and lovely geek ladies joining us in-studio tonight. Erika Carlson, Elyse Turner and Kate Catlin to talk through a whole bunch of different topics including Girl Develop IT – Detroit, transitioning from a marketing role to a development role professionally, and a ton more.

Listen live and call in: 313.462.0107 or hit us up on twitter at @ITintheD

Everything you need to know:

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