Git Caffeinated

Join the Grand Circus family and Git Caffeinated! An informal meetup, use this time to practice, work on a project, collaborate and use each other as resources as you develop your coding skills! There will be whiteboard challenges to kick off the day as a mini warm-up. 

Bring your laptop, questions, roadblocks and a willingness to ask questions and help those around you. Feel free to drop in whenever you can – our alum volunteer, Chrissy, will be around 11am-1pm. 

We’ll be meeting at The Office Coffee Shop in Royal Oak. To find the group, keep your eye open for Chrissy (who will be wearing a Grand Circus shirt) and a small Grand Circus sign!

Have an idea for a mini-hackathon or how you can get the most out of Git Caffeinated sessions? Bring them along! We’d love to brainstorm for summer events. 

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