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Hockeytown Cafe and Red Wings Game Networking Event

March 7, 2014 12:00 AM
March 7, 2014 11:59 PM

So, as you may have read about here and maybe even voted, we’re going to try something “fun” for a change of pace.

We try and keep a very huge and clearly defined line in the sand between “” and “Anything involving money”. We do so for a number of reasons, but primarily because we’re absolutely committed to doing what we do in a way that keeps what we do absolutely free for anyone that wants to attend our events.

The event will, like all of our events, be absolutely and completely free to attend for anyone that wants to show up for what will basically be one of our normal networking events like the ones at the BlackFinn in Royal Oak. So, still on track with everything we do – no cover charges, no fees, no anything. Just a good, solid networking event.

However, we also like hockey.  So, we thought we’d try and pull something together as a bit of an experiment.  We reached out through some connections got a discounted group rate for tickets.  You will buy the tickets directly from them…as always, we want nothing to do with money.  We don’t get a kickback, there’s no “a portion of ticket sales will go to…”.  Nothing.  We bargained, blackmailed and…and, okay, and “begged” to get this pulled together in as inexpensive of a manner as was humanly possible.  Final details on the ticket prices will be available early next week (around 1/24-ish) as things get finalized, and a separate link will be made available so that you can buy tickets directly from them at the discounted rate.

And yep, we’re already fully committed to the reality that it may well just wind up being the three of us sitting down at Hockeytown Cafe for a couple hours having a few beers, and then heading over to the game.  We’re good with that, if that’s all it is :)  However, we *do* hope that some of you decide that this might be fun and come try it out with us.  Hockeytown Cafe is a fun spot, and even if you decide that you don’t want to pick up tickets and come to the game, it’s a great place to watch one on the big screens.

So let’s be completely clear here:

1.  Still a networking event.

2.  Still free.

3.  Downtown.

4.  You can go to the Red Wings game if you want to buy a ticket at whatever the discounted group rate winds up being.

5.  You don’t have to go to the game to do the event.  We make no promises, guarantees, assertions, or even suggestions about the number of people that will be going to the event and going to the game or not.  We have zero idea yet.  Completely winging this and throwing it together on the fly.  Again, this is why we need your feedback.

6.  We’re not getting anything out of this other than testing the waters of doing an event downtown, and hopefully having some fun and a good time watching the Red Wings demolish the Vancouver Canucks. :) We’ll be buying our tickets just like everyone else that decides to go.

With as tight as the Western Conference is this year, every game leading up to the playoffs is going to matter…so this ought to be a great game.

Hope to see you there!

The link to buy tickets is:

Save up 38% off the box office price on tickets! Ticket prices are $25 (upper level, corners and ends, rows 16-21), $30 (upper level, corners and ends, rows 11-15), and $40 (upper level, corners and ends, rows 6-10) each.

The Special Offer Code that they will be asked to input is “DetroitNet”.

If you don’t currently have a ID set up, you will be prompted to create one.

Your group is set to begin arriving at The Hockeytown Cafe Roof (2301 Woodward Ave., Detroit, 48201) at 5:00pm on March 23rd. They will have bar service up there and can order pizzas. To order other food items, they’ll need to go down into the main bar. Anyone that purchases tickets to the game is welcome to take the Hockeytown Cafe Shuttle to The Joe and back!

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