IT in the D Episode 31: Social Media Round Up

IT in the D, Episode 31.

We’re joined in-studio by veteran guest Billy Strawter of Social Coop Media, as well as newcomer Julie Van Ameyde of Simply Social Media, along with Jeff Haase, who somehow keeps getting roped into these things.

As you’d expect, we covered a whole host of social media topics with those two on-hand, but that hardly begins to cover everything we talked about in this episode…

IMG_20140224_230328_433The details on our 3/13/2014 Pink Slip Party can be found here:

To catch some links and other articles about our past Pink Slip Party events, read

Facebook buys What’s App:

The Apple security breach / issue:

Harold Ramis died:,0,2259309.story

Netflix signs agreement with Comcast:

Ford, Sync, Microsoft and Blackberry:

Crowd Pilot, that app that lets you bring others into your phone calls…secretly:

…and way, way more covered this time around.  So listen in and enjoy!

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