Live IT in the D Broadcast Tonight, Commandments, Sins, Events and More

We hit the airwaves tonight for episode 31 of IT in the D minus our voice of reason.  What can possibly go wrong?

Solid turnout at our event this past Thursday night, there’s a Network Michigan event this Thursday, and we’ve got all eyes on our Pink Slip Party on 3/13.

More stone tablets came down from the mountain as we deliver the Ten Commandments of Job Search, as well as The Seven Deadly Sins of Job Search and a few other blog entries.

And then our LinkedIn group and all of the other usual points of fun, so let’s dive in…

417534_10151356452057005_1479302454_nLet’s start with our Pink Slip Party that’s surprisingly just around the corner already.

Thursday, March 13th.


St Andrews Hall.

Our last two of these events have seen us pack the building with the best and brightest of the metro Detroit information technology community.  People looking to hire.  People looking to hire them.  People just looking to meet others in the community to make connections, bounce ideas off of each other, and help make things happen.

Sound like something you want to be a part of?  Of course it does.

1897879_361462463996266_1364239116_nYou can find all of the details, a map, etc., out on our events page at, on our Facebook page at, or in our Meetup group at

To make sure you know what to expect, we highly recommend reading:

The presser:

If you’re not familiar with the difference between our “normal” events and our Pink Slip Party events, we have some handy-dandy Frequently Asked Questions for you, and those are located out at

Want to read up on our last two events?  Here are a few links:

– Our 3/13/13 recap:, and then our 9/19/13 recap:

– Want more than just our opinion?  Here’s another site’s recap of our 3/13/13 event:, and then another site’s recap of our 9/19/13 event:

We’re already starting to get quite a few emails from recruiters and job seekers…so, again, read those Frequently Asked Questions at and mark your calendars now.

.facebook_-1536974642There’s some time between now and then, and a great way to help that time pass is to catch up on all of our episodes of IT in the D via our Show Archives page that you can hit from and listening live to current episodes like the one tonight.

Episode 31 goes live tonight at 9pm.  We’re joined in-studio by a couple of great guests as we tackle a whole bunch of topics ranging from the official death of net neutrality to Facebook’s acquisition of What’s App and more.  Billy Strawter joins us for another round of lively banter and discussion along with newcomer Julie Van Ameyde tonight, so listen in and catch the fun.

Want to listen live, but not sure how?  Nice, easy instructions live here:

Can’t listen, but still want to keep up with what we’re all about?  We’ve got some blog entries you can read.

melThe Ten Commandments of Job Search is your new foundation, job seekers.  We’ve done this for networking for a couple of years now, and now we’ve tackled something specifically targeted to help you out in a clean, concise format.  So go read

Commandments are all well and good…but there’s another side, right?

Of course there is.

What good are commandments without the counterpunch?

7-sinsThe Seven Deadly Sins of Job Search are at, and understanding these are just as important as following the commandments…if not more so.

After all, breaking a commandment is something for which you can do penance and be forgiven, but if you blunder into one of the seven deadly sins…

…well, we all know what that means.

So do yourself a favor and read both.  Understand both.  And take them both to heart.

On other topics, The Booty Call Networker is out at, and that will tell you why I never delete a phone number from my contacts list, why you shouldn’t either, and what you should expect if you call me after going dark for years at a time.

35859LThere are lessons about networking, relationships and job search to be found everywhere…even inside a wrestling ring.  Career transition is something that a lot of people face over the course of their lives, and there’s a lot of good information in here for them…and you.  So check out Squared Circle Career Counseling over at

Do yourself a favor – keep an eye out for puffer fish, and learn how to be an otter.  Don’t understand what that means?  Then you should definitely read this:

Oh yes, and our LinkedIn group.

Jobs posted, discussions being had, and all sorts of fun going on in there.  So go hit us up at

And while you’re in a clicking mood, go give us a like on our IT in the D Facebook page:

That’s all for this time…



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