IT in the D Tonight, Event Next Week, Sponsors Wanted for 3/13

We’ve got another live broadcast of IT in the D tonight.

Our next event is on the 20th.  Our next Pink Slip Party is rapidly approaching on 3/13.

There’s the usual rounds of fun and excitement on our Facebook pages and in our LinkedIn group, so let’s get rolling with the details…

1620818_10152116958653820_1138986736_nLet’s start with our next event first.

Thursday, February 20th.

East siders, we’re coming your way.

Clinton Township.

Detroit Pub at 14 and Harper.

You can find all of the details, a map, etc., out on our events page at, on our Facebook page at, or in our Meetup group at

Should be a great night, looking forward to seeing everyone there.

2013-09-19_18-11-22_109bOur next event after that will be one of our Pink Slip Party events.  Thursday, March 13th down at St Andrews Hall.

If you’re not familiar with the difference between our “normal” events and our Pink Slip Party events, we have some handy-dandy Frequently Asked Questions for you, and those are located out at

Want to read up on our last two events?  Here are a few links:

– Our 3/13/13 recap:

– Our 3/13/13 event:

– Our 9/19/13 recap:

– our 9/19/13 event:

Literally hundreds and hundreds of people.  There aren’t many better opportunities than this in the area for you to get your name out to your target demographic.

We’re in the middle of locking things down with companies who have expressed an interest in sponsoring this event, but there’s still time if you want to get in front of some of the best and brightest folks in the metro Detroit information technology community.  There are only four slots available.  We’re not playing favorites here and holding things until the last minute, so those slots will go to whomever books them with us first.  It’s that simple.

And yep, we’ve finally sat down and created an entire media kit.  So if you want to see some numbers, demographics, and statistics on what sponsoring and helping us pull these events together can get you, drop us a note and let’s chat:

While you’re waiting, you can always catch up on previous episodes of IT in the D by heading over to our Show Archives page by clicking here.

946399_308703015938878_1442786050_nEverything you need to know can be found starting at the page for the show at, since we’ve got links to everything there. How to listen live. The archives page. How to find us after the fact on iTunes, SoundCloud, and a few other places. But if there’s any advice we can give you, it’s that listening live is where it’s at. We can’t really control what comes flying out of our (or anyone else’s) mouths while we’re live, and we do edit things a bit to clean them up before going out for syndication…so listen live to make sure you catch all the fun.

Last week’s episode saw us joined in-studio by two of the guys driving the Agile and Beyond conference that runs the Friday and Saturday right after our casual networking event.

IMG_20140203_230331_803To catch that episode, and to find a fun little discount code if you haven’t yet picked up your tickets for Agile and Beyond, click over here:

Had a great chat with them about what they’ve got going on – from what agile is and is not, what it can be applied to, the various tracks that they’re 50+ speakers will be giving presentations on, and a whole bunch more.

Great guys, and as noted, there’s a discount in there for you if you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, so go give it a listen:

In the coming weeks, we’ve got guests like Hajj Flemings coming in-studio to talk about his areas of expertise like branding and everything he’s got going on, Neil Nosakowski to talk about life as a CIO of one company while launching cool business outside of that, and much more.

X1Tonight’s a little interesting, just because we’re doing a little cross-promotion with the show before us, The Corner with K-Hubb.  Starting at 7pm, Dave will be live in-studio with her and her guests, and then the IT in the D show will kick off at our normally scheduled 9pm timeslot for our own brand of whacky mayhem.

The instructions for listening to her show live are the same as ours, so go hit our Listen Live page out at and then tune in.

Blogs?  Of course we’ve got blogs.

An oldie but oh-such-a-goodie is The Recliner Principle out at, which, well, I can actually call myself out with a little bit since I was falling into this particular trap as well.

20bComedy and IT have more in common than you might think, and that’s exemplified in a little story called The Twenty Dollar Lesson over at

Don’t Be That Guy: There Are No IT Jobs in Metro Detroit…should be pretty self explanatory, just based on the title…but go ahead and read it anyway

Pretty much the same holds true for Don’t Be That Company: There’s No IT Talent in Metro Detroit out at …but, again, read it anyway.

And of course there’s always the usual discussions being had and jobs being posted in our LinkedIn Group, which you can find at

So don’t forget to listen live tonight starting at 7pm to The Corner with K-Hubb, and then stay tuned in at 9pm for our IT in the D broadcast – and we’ll see you next Thursday night at our February event.



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