IT in the D, Episode 27: What’s The End Game?


IT in the D, Episode 27.

Our second broadcast of the year.

Just the three of us hanging out and talking about quite a few topics that caught our eye in the past couple of weeks…

999337_266863173456196_326721298_nWhy do a solid chunk of information technology professionals say they love their career…but won’t tell people what they do?

Why does Governor Snyder want the US Government to rewrite immigration laws for Detroit?

Writers can, perhaps, get a free house in downtown Detroit…and we might want one.  We’re writers, after all.

How are Angry Birds and the Facebook app giving away your information?

With all of the chaos surrounding the Super Bowl and the Olympics in Russia…is it even worth it to try and go to “huge” events any more?  Or even the movies?

All that and a bunch more (which, yes, means we rambled a bit) on this episode of IT in the D.

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