IT in the D Live Broadcast Tonight, Blogs and More

We’re back in the studio tonight for the next live broadcast of our IT in the D show tonight.

And it’s about time, because after the random chaos last week, we’ve got a whole lot of ranting to do.

We’ve also got blogs, chats, and everything else to catch you up on…

We’re live starting at 9pm tonight with our IT in the D show.

To find out a little more about the show, you can check out

For details on how to listen live, read

To catch up on past episodes, you’ve got choices.

You can hit our show archives page here on the site to listen through your browser:  We’re also out on SoundCloud:, iTunes and Stitcher  You can even catch up via RSS if you want to

We wrapped up 2013 with our 25th episode of the year.  We went with “no guests”…and then we wound up with a guest anyway (that tends to happen), as K-Hubb from The Corner with K-Hubb stuck around to try and keep us from going too overboard.  She failed.  You can catch that episode over at

IMG_20140113_230547_393The Snowmageddon hit, and so our first broadcast of 2014 was on January 13th…and once again we started with “no guests”…and wound up with guests.  We were joined by Ben and Mike from, as well as Jeff Haase.  From 3d printers to George Cushingberry to the Auto Show and Insane Clown Posse, it was quite a wild ride through the various topics that popped into our collective head.  Check it out at

So join us live tonight at 9pm as we enter our pre-show with absolutely zero clue about what we’re going to talk about and hope everything works out for the best:

On Thursday, if you’re out west towards Lansing, catch the Network Michigan crew for their event Thursday night at Frank’s Press Box east:

Blog entries?  Oh, of course we’ve got some of those for you.

The Recliner Principle II is a look at the other side of a blog originally published back in 2009, and got published because I might have accidentally made a few peoples’ lives Hell the other day.  Oops.  Sorry about that.  Read why out at

chuck-woolery1In case you’ve missed them in the past, The Dating Corollary is a series of articles diving into the similarities between job hunting, dating, your professional life and your personal life.  The intro bubbled up at, and you can catch the entire series at

Don’t Be That Guy: Pants on Fire Guy is out at, and dives into the perils of the small, close-knit world that the information technology community is…and how easy it is to figure out when someone’s not being entirely up front about things.

no_suckWe’ve got another series of articles called How Not To SuckHow Not To Suck at Quitting Your Job walks you through the right way to leave your current gig before embarking on that cool, new one that you’ve landed so that you don’t burn any bridges:, and How Not To Suck at Facebook will hopefully keep you from annoying all of your friends:

And then there’s our LinkedIn group at

tommy-flanaganThe roads are ridiculous with potholes, but where’s the money going to come from to pay to fix them?  Discuss:

Why are people still so dumb about passwords:

Recruiters, how do you track candidates through the process:

Detroit Labs is doing something cool – get paid to learn how to code, and have a job waiting for you through their apprentice program:

.facebook_-117262309Jobs?  Oh, yes, there are jobs posted in the group as well:


That’s probably enough for one shot.

So don’t forget to listen live tonight starting at 9pm to our IT in the D broadcast –  and we’ll see you in a couple weeks at our February event.



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