IT in the D, Episode 17, Full Episode: Girl Develop It – Detroit, Social Media Coop Detroit

IT in the D, Episode 17.  Original air date 10/28/2013.

Another great show.  With return guests Erika and Michelle from Girl Develop It – Detroit and Billy Strawter of Social Media Coop Detroit coming back in, it’s always a good time.  Tonight was no different…

image (1)In our first segment, we pretend that we really do have girls coming to join us at some point as we break in with Billy Strawter and talk social media, why LinkedIn sucks yet again and how dangerous their latest app update is, more on the Adobe hack with an ironic twist, and some other news and stories that have caught our attention this week.

In our second segment, Erika and Michelle finally find their way to the studio after wandering aimlessly around the fourth floor for who knows how long, we talk Halloween and social media with Billy Strawter, and have a good old time in general.

For segment three, we dive back in with our guests, talking about major social media fails, what’s going on over at Girl Develop It – Detroit, and other news and topics from around the area.

In our fourth and final segment, we wrap things up by hitting on Girl Develop It – Detroit’s upcoming classes, touching on changing perceptions from “social media” to “digital marketing” and more.

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