IT in the D Episode 17 Tonight with Girl Develop It – Detroit and BJ Strawter

Our show tonight is almost assuredly going to be a little schizophrenic.

Thursday’s Halloween, so of course we have to talk about that.

There are all sorts of other topics built up in our heads, so we’ve got to get those out.

We’ve got some great guests coming in-studio, and so we’ve got to get into everything they have going on.

It’s our seventeenth episode, so we’ve got that flavor to our music breaks…but it’s still also Halloween and so…

Yeah, “schizophrenic”.  On with some details…

So tonight is our 17th episode of our IT in the D broadcast.

Yes, candidly, we’re just as surprised as anyone else that we’re still doing this, and we’re trying to figure out if the recent comment we got of “You guys may not be the most informative show out there, but you sure are the most entertaining” is a good thing or not…

…we’re assuming it’s a good thing.

So on tonight’s show, we have the lovely ladies of Girl Develop It – Detroit joining us in-studio again, along with Billy Strawter of Social Media Coop Detroit.

All have been in-studio guests with us before, and since we’ve had people bugging us about when they would be coming back in again, we decided to go ahead and take care of it all in one fell swoop.

Erika and Michelle have had a lot of stuff go on since we last spoke with them back in our second episode, so it’s time to play a little catch up.  Not only are they running Girl Develop It – Detroit, but like us, they have day jobs in addition to everything else they do in what we all laughingly call our “free time”.  If you’d like to catch their first appearance on our show, you can do so by clicking here:

Billy’s always got great insights into the worlds of social media and online trends, which is why we keep roping him back in with us.  He’s been on with us twice before, and it’s always a pleasure to have him in.  You can catch when he was on with Mark from Falling Down Beer Company back in June over at, or when he was in with Secure-24 and his wife joined us to chat about Savvy Kids Consignment at

As a reminder, you can call us at 313.462.0107 during our show (we know…nobody’s going to call), catch us on Twitter at @ITinTheD (we know…nobody’s going to tweet) or hit us on Facebook at (we know…nobody’s going to like us) to interact with us and our guests live.

Hope you can join us!

In case you missed last week’s episode, it’s live and available here on our site and out on iTunes (, SoundCloud ( and every place else that’s out on our “Listen” page:

Our guests included Mark Larson, one of the owners of Falling Down Beer Company for a 2nd trip in with us, Mark Shaftner, COO of Marketplace Homes, and Derek Strate, owner of Absotech LLC.

A great show, all around. Fantastic conversations, awesome topics, and a solid flow between all of the guests.

Full episode:

In our first segment, we handle introductions, and do our usual wander through some of the more interesting stories that have caught our eye. From Google+ using your face in ads to stores tracking your movements through your cell phone’s wifi card, our recent event at Blackfinn and Network Michigan’s event on Thursday night, helicopter drones that use your phone’s GPS to deliver books and food to you bringing us one step closer to Terminator’s Judgment Day and the latest fun with Experian having sold 500,000 full details to an identity theft website and oh so much more.

First segment:

In our second segment, we get right to the fun stuff. Mark Larson of Falling Down Beer Company. Those of you who have been around for a while will remember that we had our February casual networking social event there before they were even really open to the public. Well, they’ve been cranking on their remodeling work and we’re going back for our November event on the 21st. Mark also brought along some of the great beer that they’ve got on tap at Falling Down…but unfortunately we still haven’t managed to get those reuben eggrolls in-studio with us. Guess we’ll just have to stop by and grab some between now and the 21st.

Second segment:

In our third segment, we dive in to all of the cool things that Marketplace Homes is doing, and we’re not just talking about the “hey, we’ll lease your existing home” program that they have going on. Mark Shaftner, COO of Marketplace Homes is in-studio to tell us about some of the ways that Marketplace Homes is using technology to revolutionize the home shopping and home buying experience, and things they’re doing to make the process smoother, easier, and even cheaper.

Third segment:

In our fourth and final segment, we wrap things up with Derek Strate telling us about Absotech. Derek’s a long-time member of our networking group, and one of the folks who has moved on from working for others to starting his own company and now hiring others through our events. Truly a great success story, and Derek’s doing a lot of good things for his clients around the metro Detroit area.

Fourth segment:

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    Okay, so if I wanted to dress like Dave for Halloween, what would I wear?

    1. Dave says

      Shorts, sandals (checkered vans are also acceptable), and a Red Wings jersey. 🙂

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