IT in the D Tonight, Blogs, Events, and Sixteen Candles References

Tonight, we hit a milestone.

Bob’s original prediction was that by the 16th episode of our IT in the D show, we’d be completely out of topics to talk about and be bored with the whole thing.

As you well know, we’re not even close to being out of things to talk about…and we’re still having way too much fun to ever consider stopping.

So tonight we hit our episode chock full of Sixteen Candles drops, clips and music.

We’ve also got blogs to read, some events to check out, and all kinds of other good stuff.  There’s even some good news for our friends who have served in the military.

On with the details…

1240193_642481039103695_1898118398_nWe start with our next event…and interestingly enough, we’ve got a few of those lined up.

Our next metro Detroit event will be on Thursday, November 21st at Falling Down Beer Company in Warren.

Those of you who have been around for a while will remember that we had our February event there before they were even officially open, and well, now they’ve come a long way with their remodeling, and so it’s time to head back and take part in some great beer and those reuben eggrolls.

So that’s Thursday, November 21st.

5:01pm start time.

Details on our site –, on Facebook –, and in our Meetup group –

You’ll also find details on a couple of other events that are taking place between now and then as well.

Every Monday night from 9pm to 11pm you can find us live on the air, talking tech and other topics with an always interesting selection of guests adding their own take on things.

photo 2 (1)Last week, we had Davina Beh from iTalent talking about gigs in the area, resumes and networking.  We also had Scott Sabellico in discussing the great things that Goodwill Industries of Detroit has going on, and Melinda Ann Prince was in-studio to chat about her journey in career transition into the information technology industry.

Great show, and you can listen to it as either the full episode or each of the four segments individually here:  We’re also out on Soundcloud –, iTunes –, Stitcher –, RSS feed and a few others.

sixteen-candles-review-2Tonight, we have long-time group member Derek Strate and, coincidentally enough (well, not really), Mark Larson of Falling Down Beer Company joining us in-studio.  So at 9pm, hit up or fire up the TuneIn App and listen live.  We’ve got a whole bunch to talk through…and all of those Sixteen Candle references to get out of our heads.

Keep up with all of the latest IT in the D updates on our Facebook page:

Other events?  Yep, have a few of those as well.

In case you missed the memo, we’ve launched Network Michigan –

With the help of people who think like we think, and want to do events where we simply don’t have the time to do so…it’s happening.

Their next event is this Thursday (the 24th) at Frank’s Press Box East in Okemos.  So if you’re over on that side of things, hop on in and say “hello” to everyone involved.  They need more than our support – they need yours as well to help get this off the ground.  Their events are still listed in all of the usual places for our own – on our site –, on Facebook –, and in our Meetup group –, but get out there on Facebook at and give them a “like” to stay in touch.

And if you’re someone who’d like to take the same steps and do the same thing, we’re here to help as much as we possibly can.  Drop us a note via and tell us what you have in mind.  Anything and everything we can do to help, we will.

After that, you’ve got another IT in the D broadcast taking place on the 28th, with Erika and Michelle from Girl Develop It – Detroit joining us for updates after their appearance on our second episode back in June (you can listen to that here: and Billy Strawter, another repeat guest (first time, second time) who always has a lot to offer from a social media perspective among others.

Then we’ve got our casual networking social with the Great Lakes Technology Showcase on November 5th at Old Shillelagh targeting you folks who have been looking for hardware and infrastructure positions.

The moral of the story here is that we’ve got a lot going on these days.  Stay up to date and don’t miss anything by catching the event listings on our site –, on Facebook –, and in our Meetup group –

supporttroopsFor you veterans out there, you should definitely check out this note we posted about free Cisco CCNA training from via New Horizons:

Need some reading material?

Don’t Be That Guy – Klout Score Guy is out at

The Dating Corollary has an old entry that bubbled up as well as a new one added.  Breakup Netiquette is still extremely solid advice on how to handle things when a job goes sideways –, and the new entry, The Dry Spell, dives into what to do when a job search goes on a little too long for your liking and what you should be thinking about –

946399_308703015938878_1442786050_nOur LinkedIn group is still your primary point of contact for jobs and conversations going on in the group.  You can join the group and dive in here  Some of the conversations going on right now include:

– MediaTemple acquired by GoDaddy.  Jeff is not amused.

– So the NSA is not only gathering emails, but also contact lists.  Nobody is amused.

– Designing your system to be court-order resistant is actually a really good idea…but not because of the court orders.  Read why:

– So, those “self destructing” messages like Snapchat have a fatal exposure flaw after all.  Anyone surprised?

– Networking makes you smarter?  We keep telling people we’re geniuses…

– A study says women struggle with networking events.  True?

– So your face can show up in Google ads.  Oh, goodie…

There’s all that and more getting discussed, so hop on in:

Jobs?  Yep, jobs posted in there as well.  Find all of the latest job discussions at

So that’s our live broadcast show tonight at 9pm –, and all of our events and stuff going on over at


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