IT in the D, Episode 15 Now Available

IT in the D, Episode 15.  Great night with Davina Beh, Scott Sabellico, and Melinda Ann Prince as our in-studio guests.  Air date 10/14/2013…

In our opening segment, we chat about some news, take a phone call from an old friend of mine as we tackle the semi-uncomfortable topic of dealing with jerks from your past on social media and learn why none of us will ever have security clearances.  Ever.  In the second, we talk about Goodwill Industries Detroit, get through some introductions of our in-studio guests…and laugh.  A lot.  In the third, we dive into handling your job search when you’re completely changing industries and career paths, what Goodwill Industries Detroit has going on, and more.  For the final segment, we close out the night by wrapping up a few touch points from prior segments, talking about recruiters, resumes, and the importance of networking overall.

Full episode:

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Segment 2:

Segment 3:

Segment 4:

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