TONIGHT: Pink Slip Party at Saint Andrews Hall!

Okay folks…the final countdown is on.

Tonight is another one of our Pink Slip Party events over at Saint Andrews Hall downtown.

A few things before we all get together tonight…

I'm not saying we save lives. I'm just sayin' never know...If you haven’t already let us know you’re coming, you can still do so by dropping us an email to

The basics of all of our events can be found at

Frequently Asked Questions that were developed specifically about our Pink Slip Party events like how to dress, what to bring, what not to bring, and those can be found here:

Recruiters, if you haven’t already done so and you’re planning on being there, please drop us an email with your top 2-3 hot needs at the moment.

We talked quite a bit about tonight’s event during Monday’s edition of our IT in the D show, so if you want to listen in, you can do so from our archives page or out on Soundcloud

We’d like to thank our sponsors for the evening, for helping us make these events work as well as they do for you, so make sure you stop by and chat with them tonight.  We’ll be doing some deep-dives on them in the following days, and many of them will be guests on upcoming IT in the D episodes so you can learn more:

This event is being sponsored by:




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  1. Kim Hughes says

    Today was the first time that I listened to your podcast. You guys are quite funny. Loved it!! I am certainly looking forward to networking tonight at my FIRST Pink Slip Party. See ya tonight!!!

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