Last Call for Recruiters, Pink Slip Party Tomorrow Night, IT in the D and More!


Recruiters, if you’re coming to our Pink Slip Party on tomorrow  night, today’s the day to let us know.

We also had a great episode of IT in the D on Monday night, we’ve got blogs, and other than that, we’re just checking items off the list to make sure Thursday night’s all set.

So let’s get rolling…

483665_10151356448782005_1733736027_nAs always…our next event.

And it’s going to be a good one.

Back on March 13, 2013 (3/13/13), we had our first Pink Slip Party of the year, and it was amazing.

More than seven hundred people came together at St Andrews Hall to help people find jobs in the metro Detroit information technology industry.

Over 100 recruiters and hiring managers were in attendance looking to do just that.

You can read recaps of that event here – or here –

Things are shaping up for another great event tomorrow night.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there.  We’ve got a bunch of job seekers and a ton of recruiters already in the mix.

Details are here on the site:, on our Facebook page at or over on Meetup at, or you can read about it over on the CBS Detroit website here:

Recruiters, yes, today’s the last day to let us know you’re coming so that we can have badges waiting for you.  That’s the main reason.  We strongly recommend that you send us an email to with the name(s) of whoever is attending from your company, as well as whatever your top two or three needs are.  We’re going to try and keep a master list among the three of us so that as job seekers come to us, we can make sure we send them in the right direction…and if we don’t know what you need, then we won’t be able to send them your way.

So hit our events page – and read the Frequently Asked Questions –, and then we’ll see you tomorrow night.

ITinD_blueMapAnd we’ve got all kinds of cool things up our sleeve for this one…you know us, we’ve always got to take things a step further each time.  If I were you, I’d plan on hanging out until past 7:00, that’s for sure.

Monday night’s IT in the D show was pretty damned great.  We had Brad from Grand Circus and Jay from Ann Arbor Give Camp in chatting with us in-studio, and couldn’t have possibly asked for thing to go any better.

The “Listen Live” page has all of the links out to iTunes, Soundcloud, our RSS feed, and all of the other ways you can listen:

If you want to listen in your browser, you can check out the opening segment where we handle introductions and dive into tomorrow night’s Pink Slip Party event here –

The second segment was all about Grand Circus, and you can listen to that here:

This weekend’s Ann Arbor Give Camp activities were covered in our third segment that you can catch here:

The last segment was some doubling back on earlier topics, as usual.  A little more about tomorrow night, a little more Grand Circus, a little more Give Camp, and that’s at

Or you can listen to the full episode here

We’ll see you this coming Monday for our Pink Slip Party recap with in-studio guests and more great topics.  Listen live

no_suckOn the blogs front, check out One Page Resume Guy at, learn with part 1 of how not to suck at interviewing for a job at

Oh, and just because of some random nonsense that cropped up, go read The Cracker Barrel Conundrum over at

You know where our LinkedIn group is –, and make sure you’ve got us followed on Twitter for any last minute updates


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