Pink Slip Party in Two Weeks, IT in the D, Jobs and Updates for 9/5/2013

It’s getting closer.

Two weeks from today, we’re back at St Andrews Hall for our next Pink Slip Party.

In the meantime, we’ve got some blog entries for you, a couple more IT in the D broadcasts, and the usual round up of updates from our LinkedIn group and elsewhere.

The kids are back in school, so let’s go ahead and get rolling…

483665_10151356448782005_1733736027_nAs always…our next event.

And it’s going to be a good one.

Back on March 13, 2013 (3/13/13), we had our first Pink Slip Party of the year, and it was amazing.

More than seven hundred people came together at St Andrews Hall to help people find jobs in the metro Detroit information technology industry.

Over 100 recruiters and hiring managers were in attendance looking to do just that.

You can read recaps of that event here – or here –

Things are shaping up for another great event on 9/19.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Details are here on the site:, on our Facebook page at or over on Meetup at, or you can read about it over on the CBS Detroit website here:

crossing streamsOn the IT in the D front, we’ve got episode 11 coming up this Monday night with Grand Circus and Atwater Brewery in-studio, and then we’re finalizing a few things for our 9/16 broadcast the week of the Pink Slip Party.

Listen live and catch up on past episodes at

Blogs?  Got a few of those for you as well.

Don’t Be That Guy: Oily Weasel Guy at, we brought Prune Your Network Day back at, solid advice leading up to our Pink Slip Party can be found in Don’t Be That Guy: Bad Resume Guy at, and it’s fun to look back and remember when we used to freak out about 100 people showing up at one of our events –

Jobs and discussions can be found in our LinkedIn group –

And let’s keep this short and sweet this week.



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