IT in the D, Pink Slip Party, Sponsors, Live Broadcast Tonight and More!

It’s that time.

The next IT in the D Pink Slip Party takes place Thursday, September 19th.

And the last one was so successful that we’re going to try and set things up the same way as much as possible.

We’ve also got our live IT in the D broadcast tonight, a few blog entries, there’s still time to vote in the Hatch Detroit $50,000 contest, and oh so much more.

Let’s get started…

483665_10151356448782005_1733736027_nAs always…our next event.

And it’s going to be a good one.

Back on March 13, 2013 (3/13/13), we had our first Pink Slip Party of the year, and it was amazing.

More than seven hundred people came together at St Andrews Hall to help people find jobs in the metro Detroit information technology industry.

Over 100 recruiters and hiring managers were in attendance looking to do just that.

You can read recaps of that event here – or here –

And so now…now we’re doing it all over again.

St Andrews Hall is booked for Thursday, September 19th.  So now…now all we need is you.

Whether you’re looking to hire, be hired, or just meet some of the best and brightest folks here in the area, this is the place to be.

And sponsors?  Yes, we’re going to allow for a few sponsors this time around as well.  If you’re looking to get your name front and center with the people in the metro Detroit IT community, this is a great way to do it:

For sponsors: ITinTheD_sponsors_9192013_final

There are other things brewing for 9/19 as well.  There have been a lot of things that have happened over the course of the past year with our group, and we’re really looking forward to launching some new things and getting back to plans for our conference.

No, we haven’t forgotten about that.  Not by a long shot.

So here’s to 9/19.  The start of the next chapter…which we’ll all be writing together.

Details are here on the site:, on our Facebook page at or over on Meetup at

That’s still a few weeks off though, and of course we’ve got enough going on between now and then to keep you occupied.

circus767_t607Our next episode of the IT in the D show takes place tonight, starting at 9pm.

We’ve got some great guests in-studio tonight!

Grand Circus, the new training facility downtown, will be in-studio.

The host location from our July networking event, Atwater brewery, will be in-studio.

And Davina Beh, a recruiter from iTalent, will also be in-studio with us.

While I’m sure we’ll wander and ramble as much as we always do, there are several key things that we’re going to hit on tonight:

  • In our second episode ( we talked about the various groups out there doing trainings based on open source software, and the gap that left with a lot of employer requirements.
  • What Atwater Brewery has going on.
  • Job openings at iTalent

ITinD_blueMapSo make sure you listen live tonight!  At 9:00, point your browser at or catch us via the TuneIn Radio app:

Speaking of past episodes, there’s still time to catch up on Episode 10 from last Monday night, and there are fifty thousand good reasons why you should.

There’s still time to vote in the Hatch Detroit contest where someone will walk away with $50,000 to open up a business downtown.

So listen to our discussions with the four finalists, hear what they have to say about their business plans, the threats and challenges they know they’re facing, and what they’re going to do if they win.

So go give that a listen over at and then go vote!

And blog entries…oh do we have a whole bunch of those for you.

Rachael from Blade RunnerNetworking happens with people, not things.  Relationships are formed with people, not companies.  A little lesson about that in Don’t Be That Guy: More Human Than Human –

My Mafia Wars addiction has finally been kicked, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some very clear parallels that I found in the online gaming world to networking, not to mention some lessons learned along the way.  So go check out Game Theory and Networking 101 over at

There’s a whole industry populated by people looking to take advantage of the unemployed, so Don’t Be That Guy: Feeding Off The Unemployed Guy:

prostituteEvery time there’s a prostitution ring busted in the metro Detroit area, our traffic goes through the roof.  Why?  Because of an entry I published a few years ago titled The LinkedIn Prostitution Ring over at

Being realistic, focused, and hungry are key things about a job search.  Don’t Be That Guy: Cousin Eddie over at takes a look at the worst case scenario.

A recap of our Ann Arbor casual networking event in August can be found at

Also in Ann Arbor, the Ann Arbor Give Camp is looking for folks in the IT industry as well as sponsors to get involved with helping non-profits get their software needs fulfilled:

The recap and streams for Episode 9 of IT in the D with Yelp and Arrow Strategies is over at, and Episode 10 with Hatch Detroit, Michipreneur, the four Hatch finalists and Beacon Hill Staffing is out at

There are a ton of great conversations and jobs posted in our LinkedIn Group…and yes, LinkedIn changed the layout of Groups yet again…sigh…but you can still find it over at

So mark your calendars for 9/19 at St Andrews Hall –, companies interested in sponsoring need to read ITinTheD_sponsors_9192013_final, and catch us live tonight for our next IT in the D broadcast –


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