TONIGHT: IT in the D, Episode 10: I’d Buy That For a Dollar!


Tonight’s episode of IT in the D is going to be a good one.

If you’ve ever thought about opening up a business, this one’s going to be full of good stuff…

We’ve got Amanda Lewan, the editor and community manager for Michipreneur coming in-studio with us to talk about startups.  We’ll chat with Amanda about common pitfalls and things that you should be thinking about if you’re looking to start something on your own.

We’ve got Hatch Detroit coming in to talk about their $50,000 contest for startups downtown, and they’re bringing their four finalists who will be announced today.  We’ve been keeping an eye on the contest thus far, and there are some great ideas in there…and a couple we’re scratching our heads over a bit.  It’ll be interesting to see the final four, and have them in with us looking to convince us, and you, that they deserve your vote to walk off with the $50,000 prize and get a business started.

And yep, we still have a recruiter joining us as well.  Steven Urenda from Beacon Hill Staffing will be sitting in and joining the conversations throughout the evening.

The call-in lines will be open: 313.462.0107

The twitter feed will be paid attention to: @ITinTheD

The facebook wall will be watched:

So if you’ve got questions for any of the above guests, or us, get them out to us ahead of time or participate and listen live at 9pm tonight:

On the blogs front, you can check out our recap from Thursday night’s event in Ann Arbor here:, or Game Theory and Networking 101 which dives into the lessons about networking you can learn from online gaming here –, and the ever-popular The LinkedIn Prostitution ring here:




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