Ann Arbor, Here We Come! Jobs and Updates for 8/15/2013

Based on the backlog of stuff waiting to get put into one of these updates you’d swear it had been a month or more since we’ve done one…but nope, just a week and a half.

We’ve got our event tonight in Ann Arbor, Bob went ahead and announced our next Pink Slip Party on Monday night’s IT in the D broadcast, we’ve done two episodes of IT in the D since our last update out and available, several blog entries for you to check out, all sorts of fun in our LinkedIn group…

Phew.  So yeah, let’s dive in here…

conorAs always, we start with the details on our next in-person event.

Our debut in Ann Arbor.

Conor O’Neill’s.


Thursday, August 15th.

5:01pm start time.

Wolverine Technical Staffing is laying out some food, and we’ve had a couple of companies ask about showing up to pick up a round or two of drinks…so all of the stars are certainly aligning to make this a good first time event for us in Ann Arbor.

For full details like the address, you can hit up our events page here on the site –, our Facebook page at, or our Meetup group at

Our Facebook page and our Twitter account ( are the best ways to keep up to speed with anything late-breaking leading into an event.  If there are any good deals on parking, or an accident you should avoid, or anything along those lines…that’s where you’ll find it.

ITinD_blueMapBeen listening to IT in the D?

We’re kind of getting this down to a science now…which is a little freaky.

Our last two episodes have been really great, with some fun guests, solid topics, and it looks like we’re just going to keep getting better and better.

Episode 8 (8/5/13 air date) had Mark DiCarlo from Wolverine Technical Staffing, Jason Gole of 313Digital chatting about the OpenCo event, and Elyse and April from Brightwing as our in-studio guests.

1116277_555129381213938_382402275_oEpisode 9 (8/12/13 air date) saw Steve Gaura from Arrow Strategies and Annette Janik, the metro Detroit community manager for, in-studio with us, and another really good night went down.

This coming Monday, we have Michipreneur magazine and Hatch Detroit in-studio with us…including their four finalists who are looking to win and get $50,000 to open up a business downtown.  The week after, we have Atwater Brewery and the folks from Grand Circus coming in…

Seriously.  Look at us, all prepared and booking things out in advance and stuff, and even trying to get people in-studio you might be interested in hearing from/about.

Go figure, huh?

Keep up to speed on everything we have going on with our IT in the D weekly broadcast here:  You can also catch up with past episodes:

Keep up with us on Facebook at and via Twitter at

The good folks over at “Daily Detroit!” did a little write up about us…and if you’re not already paying attention to these guys, you should be.  Start with and go from there.

…and yes, as noted up above, Bob let the cat out of the bag on Monday night about our next Pink Slip Party event.  You can read all about it here:

And blogs…oh my, “blogs”.  Guest entries.  Old entries.  New entries.  Don’t Be That Guy.  How Not To Suck.  Nice variety out there for you lately, including:

wooden_toy_shape_sorter_block_box2Lessons From a Child’s Toy, which was written waaaaay back just before our first Pink Slip Party took place…but the material in it is still extremely spot on and valuable for both job seekers and those looking to hire.  You can find it at

– Bob’s latest, which is How Not To Suck at Quitting Your Job can be found at

– A guest entry about Major League Baseball proving our point about paying more attention to your “friends” and “connections” over at

There_Was_A_Fly– Don’t Be That Guy: The Fly can be found at

There are over ten worthwhile conversations going on in our LinkedIn group over at and dozens of jobs in there as well over at, so rather than me wasting both my time and yours by recapping them all here…just go hit those two links at your leisure and check everything out.

I think that’s about it for this time around.

See you tonight at Conor O’Neill’s in Ann Arbor, and don’t miss us Monday nights with our IT in the D broadcast!


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