IT in the D Show Schedule, Finding RawRadioX on the TuneIn App

So here’s a nice change of pace – we have our next two weeks of IT in the D shows booked, scheduled, guest slots filled and we’re not even in a mad scramble mode.

Well, maybe a little bit, but that’s still due to fallout from the technical difficulties and server upgrades the other day, so here’s how you make sure you can find us…

Within the TuneIn app, search for:

crossing streamsUPDATED 8/26/2013: Let’s try this AGAIN, thanks to updates and upgrades.

Search for:


with spaces.  The original feed has been finally fixed by the Tune In Radio team, and is the one you want.  The temporary one without spaces has been disabled, and will no longer pull up the stream.

Sorry about that.  Look, we’re just along for the ride here…


…no spaces, no anything.  You might (depending on when you read this, and what stage the cleanup is in) see two results come back to you.  One has spaces in the name (Raw Radio X) and is the old feed you should not be attempting to use, and the other will not have spaces (RawRadioX) and that’s the one you’re looking for.  Depending on how far along the process is, you may or may not see the “RRX” logo on the one without spaces…but trust us, the one without spaces is the one you want.

Sorry for the chaos, but it’s a natural ripple effect of the chaos that took place that necessitated extensive server upgrades…which apparently also resulted in a new stream having to be created.  We all know technology…sometimes you have to do things that aren’t necessarily convenient for the end users in order to make things actually work.

So update your favorites list if you added it in, and you should be okay.

Our next two shows should be solid.

The 22nd didn’t turn out like we’d planned…

As you know, our originally scheduled broadcast date for Episode 8 was Monday, July 22nd…but technical difficulties at the studio kept us from going on the air that night.

We’re going to give this another shot this Monday night.

So on this Monday (August 5th), we’ve got the folks bringing the OpenCo conference/event to Detroit as our in-studio guests, and we’re also slated to be joined by two recruiters from Wolverine Technical Staffing, the sponsors for our August 15th casual networking event in Ann Arbor.

And then on Monday, August 12th, we’ll be live with IT in the D, Episode 9: Foodies and Hipsters and Check-Ins, Oh My!

yelp-logoSocial Media apps seem to be of high interest to our listeners, and we’ve always made a habit of paying attention to what folks want from us, and so this week we’ve got Annette, the community manager for the metro Detroit area for, as one of our in-studio guests. What is it? Whaddaya do with it? What should businesses be doing with it? Who are these people writing reviews? That and a bunch of other questions will be answered tonight.

Our other in-studio guest will be Steve Gaura from Arrow Strategies, to talk about what Arrow has going on these days, gigs they’re hiring for, and our usual run of conversations with recruiters on the air with us about the overall market conditions in Detroit and what they’re seeing.

As always, our schedule and past episodes for listening can be found out at



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  1. Ray Braun says

    Ray Braun
    Got it. You can also use their website and click the Listen Live icon just below right of the top banner.
    Confirming, browse the TuneIn app for RawRadioX (no spaces) gets you there; delete the old Raw Radio X (with spaces) if in Favorites.
    -from my iPod Touch 5

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