Reminder: Join Us at BlackFinn Tonight, IT in the D in “Best Of” Mode

Just a quick reminder that the IT in the D show is in “best of” mode tonight.

But you can still get your weekly live dose of us if you really need to…

SamsRebelSampling…by joining us at BlackFinn tonight for a Sam Adams beer tasting event!

We’ll be back live on the air next Monday, August 5th, but this is something that the good folks at BlackFinn were kind enough to extend the invitation to us for, and so we really don’t see how we can pass it up.

This won’t be your typical event of ours.  I mean, sure, it looks like some of the regular cast of characters will be showing up, but this is just something different that we’re doing and sharing out with everyone.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

In the meantime, there are a couple of blog entries you might want to check out:

Don’t Be That Guy: The Unprepared Graduate bubbled back up over at

I recently had a pretty hard lesson hammered back into my head…and as with all such trials and tribulations I go through, I’ve found that sharing it tends to be awfully cathartic.  So go check out Guilt By Association: Never Invite The Vampire In over at

That’s it, just those quick reminders.

Hope we can see you tonight!

Again, we’ll be back live starting next Monday night, and don’t forget to start looking ahead to our August casual networking event that finally brings us to Ann Arbor on the 15th!

As always, details on everything we’ve got going on can be found here on our site, out on Facebook at either our page at or our IT in the D page at, or over on Meetup at





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