Beer Tasting, IT in the D, Kid Equip Recap and More

Not quite as crazy this week as it was last week.


But that doesn’t mean we don’t have some fun in store for you.

Like free beer and munchies this Monday night.  You know, if you like that sort of thing.  Of course, that does mean that our IT in the D broadcast this week will be a “best of“, since, and this should come as no surprise to any of you, we like beer.  We’ll be back live the following Monday (August 5th) with another run at getting Episode 8 out there since we had some technical difficulties this past Monday night.

We’re even starting to look forward to our August Casual Networking Social which will finally see us hitting Ann Arbor.

Details?  Sure, let’s get to some of those.

conorOur next casual networking event for metro Detroit professionals in and around the information technology industry will take place on Thursday, August 15th.

And yep, we’re finally hitting Ann Arbor.

We’ve been talking about getting to Ann Arbor for literally like three years now.

It’s not for a lack of trying…well, okay, maybe some of it is that because we really didn’t feel like being overly pushy with places that didn’t seem to want a bunch of people showing up on a random Thursday night drinking and networking and having a great time.  Heaven forbid that happen.

final_logo_3_11_13But, thanks to the good folks at Wolverine Technical Staffing, it’s finally happening.

They called our bluff.

They found the place.

They booked the place.

They’re even throwing some cash at having some food and drinks available for everyone.

So…well, with all of that being said and done…we really can’t say “no”, can we?

Well, we could…but we’re pretty sure some of you would demand we be committed for psychiatric evaluations.

And so…Ann Arbor, here we come!  Thursday, August 15th, same usual 5:01pm start time.

Details, as always, can be found here on our site –, out on our Facebook page at, or in our Meetup group at 

SamsRebelSamplingWhile you’re out at one of those three locations, you should probably check out what’s going on Monday night.

Beer tasting.  Sam Adams.  Free munchies / appetizers.

Why are you still here reading?  Go check out any one of those same three locations: our events page at, our Facebook page at, or our Meetup group at already.

Sadly (okay, not really “sadly”…we’re talking about free beer, after all), that does mean that our IT in the D broadcast for Monday night will be a “best of” instead of a live episode with us in studio.

However, we are planning on…and hoping to achieve…getting some recording done while we’re there at the BlackFinn on Monday night to hopefully have some good material we can edit and condense down for use on future broadcasts.

As always, keep up to speed with our IT in the D broadcasts on the IT in the D info page here on the site, on the dedicated Facebook page for it at, and on Twitter at

2kbdjOn that front…annoyingly, technical difficulties prohibited us from going live this past Monday night.

Which really sucked.

Because we wanted to use that broadcast to get the word out about the beer tasting event at BlackFinn, and we also had some decent guests lined up to chat in-studio as well.

So hop on over to and make sure you’re up to speed.  We’re working on rescheduling the guests from that night for future episodes.

photo 3What didn’t go sideways was our event last Thursday night at BlackFinn.

With Sharknado on all of the screens and a generous outpouring of support for Operation: Kid Equip from you, it was just simply over the top awesome.

The full recap from the night can be read here:

In the interest of keeping things from rambling on, you know there are always conversations and jobs posted in our LinkedIn group, and the links for all of our various presence sites are right down there below.


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