IT in the D, Episode VII: THUNDERDOME Tonight!

Yes, you should absolutely be planning on coming to our casual networking event on Thursday night.

Yes, you should make sure you read this note about how to help us help some kids in need before Thursday gets here.

But tonight…tonight…(anyone out there get the joke if I say “Let it be Lowenbrau” here?  No?  Carrying on…) …we have IT in the D, Episode VII: THUNDERDOME, which means two things…

ITinD_blueMapFirst, it means we’ve run out of Star Wars titles to play with, at least from a movie perspective.

But most importantly, it means the gloves are coming off tonight.

Clueless sales guys.  Overly arrogant geeks.  Mouth-breathing clients.  All fair game.

We’ve also got Stephanie from Secure-24 coming in-studio to talk about things from a recruiter’s point of view, and BJ Strawter makes an encore appearance with us to talk about his own views on these topics, as well as trying to help keep Bob and I from killing each other.

Game on.

Listen live tonight from 9pm to 11pm, folks:, because this is a chain of topics that’s most likely going to result in the edited podcast version after the fact feeling a lot like watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High on network tv.




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