IT in the D, Episode 6: It’s a Trap! News, Jobs and Updates for 7/8/2013

IT in the D, Episode 6: It’s a Trap! airs live tonight from 9pm to 11pm.

We’re about a week and a half away from our next casual networking event for professionals in and around the metro Detroit information technology industry, and in the meantime we’ve got some blog entries and other fun for you.

So here we go…

As always though, we start with our next event.

2013-04-18_18-01-25_423Thursday, July 18th.

Back room of the Blackfinn in Royal Oak.

5:01pm start time.

The details can be found at a variety of locations, depending on your preference.

On our site:

On Facebook:

On Meetup:

.facebook_-117262309Tonight, we’ll be live for the next installment of IT in the D.

For episode six, we’re going with the working title of “It’s a Trap!”, and we’ll be chatting with our in-studio guests about all of the fun and exciting ways you can screw up your job search, your current job, and probably even a few other facets of your life along the way.

Because, let’s be real for a moment – if there’s a way to screw something up, odds are really good that at least one of the three of us has done it at least once.

So tune in live tonight between 9pm and 11pm to hear some guilty confessions and laugh along at stories that you hope like hell aren’t about you or anyone you know.

Everything you need to know to listen live is over at

And while you’re there, you can also catch up on the first five episodes of our show, either through our site or by catching us on iTunes.  Listening live is definitely where it’s at though, because, well, yes, we do a little editing before we get the episodes live out on the site and available via iTunes (how the hell do you think we’ve managed to keep the “clean” tag on iTunes this long?!), and so it’s sort of like the difference between watching an episode of The Sopranos on HBO or catching the same episode on basic cable. Sure, the general gist and storylines are the same, but you still totally know you’re missing out on all of the good stuff.



2agb9Speaking of missing out on the good stuff…are you hooked up with us on Facebook yet?’s page is at, and we play with memes and other silly stuff to keep ourselves distracted and laughing.

IT in the D’s page is at, and this is where we float topics and news items of interest to see if they might make for good chats on future shows, or because we find them interesting and noteworthy…and, also, memes and silly stuff.

We broke IT in the D out on a separate page because we didn’t want all of our show prep stuff or other nonsense cluttering up the main page.  So if I were you, I’d make sure to “like” both to make sure you stay in the loop on what we’ve got going on.

We’ve got a few blog entries out for you to read as well.

The Awkward Moment is a new entry, and since everybody has them from time to time, you might as well learn how to control and own them instead of letting them control you…and you can do so by reading a little tale of me completely losing my mind one night.

One of the very first Don’t Be That Guy entries I ever wrote…in fact, I think it might just be the first if I recall correctly…was “Even That Guy Deserves Help“.  It lives over at, and talks about being willing to work with and forgiving a few quirks in order to help That Guy turn the corner and be someone you want to have hanging around.

Powerpoint Guy lives over at, and is Bob’s retelling of an adventure on a business trip as a sales guy, and the horror of those that over-use Powerpoint.

In our LinkedIn group over at, we’ve got some discussions going on:

– Maybe having a pic on Facebook of you drinking isn’t so bad after all:

– Remember Altavista?  Well, it’s officially dead as of today, and it deserves a eulogy:

– What do you fear as a programmer?

– Common sense has truly never been more lost than right now:

– Parents, you’re not doing your kids any favors by hovering:

– In case you missed the memo, mobile app developers are in hot demand:

– Do you need a life coach, and are they worth anything?

…and of course there’s more, so hop on over to and dive in.

There are also jobs posted in there.

One I happen to know a bit about is this one:

Senior Developer – Farmington Hills
If you’re interested and meet the criteria, drop me a note and I’ll arrange an introduction for you to get the ball rolling.
I am looking for a senior developer with well-rounded distributed skills and experience, including, but not limited to:

• Java
• ExtJS
• Cron
• Autosys
• BIRT – must have
• Self-starter, able to take direction and make it happen
• Good communication and teamwork stills
• Knowledge of Spring, Hibernate and Web Service is highly desired.

There are plenty of others out there at right now.  Everything from developers to admins to BI and engineering.

Hope you can join us on the air tonight, and we’ll see you next Thursday at Blackfinn!


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