Monday Night: IT in the D, Episode 6 – It’s a Trap!

As we’re cruising through the rest of the weekend, a quick note about Monday night’s IT in the D episode.

Our sixth episode is subtitled “It’s a Trap!”, and with good reason…

We’ll be talking with our in-studio guests about pitfalls and traps you can fall into that can blow up in your face during a job search,  while you’re employed, when you’re leaving a job and probably other facets of your life.

Because heaven knows, we’ve all screwed up enough.

Go give us a like on Facebook as well at – we’re starting to use the page to discuss topics we think are interesting, and get some interaction with everyone about the show and where we’re going with it.

We’ve also got IT in the D, Episode 7 queued up as well, and we’re taking a lesson from our friends in wrestling by setting up a battle: Sales vs Geek.  Ought to be interesting.

So tune in live this and every Monday night, and don’t forget to catch up on those back episodes on our site or on iTunes!



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