Listen Live to IT in The D Tonight, Event on Thursday, Jobs and Updates 6/17/2013

Yep, going to try doing one of these on a Monday for a change.

You know us, always experimenting.  And it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that there was so much going on last week that I completely forgot to do it.

Nope, not at all.  Nothing to see here, move along.

So what’s going on this week?  Pretty much everything.

Listen live to the third installment of the “IT in The D” internet radio show tonight from 9pm to 11pm.  You can also catch the first two episodes in case you missed them.

We’ve got our casual networking event for professionals in and around the metro Detroit information technology community taking place this Thursday night.

Blogs?  We’ve got a bunch of them for you to read.

Jobs? Check.  Updates?  Plenty.  Chatter and discussions?  But of course.

So in case you can’t tell, this is probably going to be a lengthy update, which means we’d better get started…

lAs always, we kick things off with our next event.

Thursday, June 20th.  That’s this Thursday night.


Atwater Brewery.

Details out at, on our Facebook page at, or in our Meetup group at

Can’t wait.  Should be awesome.

Now, remember – anything late breaking will be on our Facebook page (again: ) and/or our Twitter account:

So make sure you’ve liked and are following us to keep up to speed on anything going on.

But that’s Thursday…which, I know, seems like forever from now, so why not get a dose of us tonight?

.facebook_-117262309Which brings us to “IT in The D“, our internet radio show with two episodes in the books and one coming up tonight from 9pm to 11pm on Raw Radio X.

In case you missed the earlier notes about it, we’ve got our own fun new platform with beer, wisdom, 80s tunes, beer, some awesome in-studio guests, phone calls from you out there listening and, well, beer.

It’s been a blast so far, and tonight’s episode should be a good one.

It’s all about networking, Bob and I are going to be flying without our Voice of Reason, and our in-studio guest recruiter will be Mark Brown of Brown Staffing Solutions.

Yes, I know – the important part of that I tried to slip past you in the middle.  No Jeff tonight – he’s off this week doing some family stuff on the east coast, so this will probably be the week Bob and I wind up getting us kicked off the network.

So you’re not going to want to miss this one.

How to listen?  At or just before 9pm, hit with any internet connected device – laptop, desktop, cell phone, tablet…however you want to get there.  You’ll be taken to the page with the live stream of the show, as well as with links to the apps for whatever kind of device you’ve used to get there if you’d like to download and install one.

Hope you can listen in, and maybe even join us.

stewie_prankcallYou can call into the station while we’re on air (we’ll give out that number periodically through the show), and you can also interact with us via the IT in The D Twitter account@ITinTheD at  We’ll be paying attention to that during the show and answering questions you may have.

As a reminder, we’ve definitely got our eyes and ears open for fun guests on future episodes.  If you’ve got something cool to share with the metro Detroit information technology community, we’d love to have you join us live in-studio on an upcoming show.  Us our Contact Us form – – to let us know who you are and what you’ve got going on, and we’ll touch base.

In case you missed the first two episodes, we’ve got recaps and the podcast files available here on the site for you to read through and listen to at your leisure.

So let’s make sure you’re fully up to speed on what we’ve got rolling here.

The press release:

The show’s Facebook page:

The high level overview of the first two shows:

The full recap and broadcast files for the first episode:

The full recap and broadcast files for the second episode:

Want to skip the cleverly written recaps and just start listening?  Fiiiiiiiiiiiiine…the photos to the right make WAY more sense if you read the recaps though…

TazThe First Episode

First segment:

Second segment:

Third segment:

Fourth segment:

ep21aThe Second Episode

First segment:

Second segment:

Third segment:

Fourth segment:

So again, that’s tonight, 9pm,

Be there.


You can totally feel free to share that image out.  Just sayin’.

So that’s our event Thursday night and our show tonight.

Let’s talk about those blog entries.

Don’t Be That Guy – Overblown Sense of Entitlement Guy is over at and is the foundation for another entry that I’ll get to momentarily.  I don’t know why, but I’m still stunned whenever I encounter this guy because I would have thought that they would’ve become extinct by now on their own…but no such luck.  Still out there, still roaming the Earth, and still annoying the hell out of people.

Baby_Facepalm_PosterDon’t Be That Guy – The Cracker Barrel Conundrum is at, and is the result of a complete and total idiot writing me an email after another Don’t Be That Guy entry went live.  And look, I can take constructive criticism…I can even take torches and pitchforks if you think they’re deserved…but dear lord, people – do not be so stupid that you don’t even understand what it is that you’re attempting to flame me about before firing off that email.  Because the odds are better than even that you’re going to be even angrier about how things go after that point.

Don’t Be That Guy – Voicemail Guy…and you know, it’s a shame that this even had to be written, but as with all of our entries…it did.  It’s 2013 people, and you really ought to know how to interact with voicemail by now.  But just in case you don’t, you can learn by reading this:

Remember Overblown Sense of Entitlement Guy up above?  Well, the best way to avoid being That Guy is to read and understand The Path at  It doesn’t matter if you’re 22, 40 or 55.  It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started, just got fired, or just started looking while still employed – knowing and understanding how The Path works in regards to your career is essential knowledge.

Before we dive into our LinkedIn Group, there are a couple of other upcoming events you might want to check out run by other groups in the area:

On Saturday the 22nd, the ladies of Girl Develop It – Detroit will be hosting a Code and Coffee session:

Refresh Detroit has an event on Tuesday the 25th where the topic is Project Drift, and how to handle it before it impacts your life:

Social Media Day Detroit 2013 takes place on Thursday the 27th, and you can get your free tickets here:

Now, on to our LinkedIn group over at

There are some discussions going on that you might want to dive into, like these:

– What’s your take on the Mac Pro?

– ESPN realized 3-D broadcasting is lame:

– The obligatory NSA, Verizon, PRISM and tin foil hats chat:

– Can you be forced to decrypt an encrypted drive?

That and more over at

And jobs?  Yep, plenty of jobs posted.  You can find a whole bunch sitting out at, posted by recruiters that hang out at our events…you know, like the one on Thursday night that you’re planning on coming to, right?


Okay, I think you’ve been bombarded with enough information for one day.  Let’s do a quick recap:

Tonight: Listen live to IT in The D at 9pm:

Thursday: Join us at Atwater Brewery at 5pm for our casual networking event.


Hope you can join us as we broadcast live tonight, and in person on Thursday night at Atwater Brewery!


Bob, Dave and Jeff
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