Reminder: “IT in The D” Live TONIGHT!


Great lineup tonight, folks.

A female recruiter and the ladies who founded Girl Develop It – Detroit will be in studio with us tonight to talk about the overall genre of women in tech.

Pretty sure Bob, Jeff and I are in for a rough night…

Erika from Girl Develop It – Detroit was in a nice writeup that you can catch here:, and she’ll be joined by her partner in crime Michelle tonight in our studio.

Davina is a recruiter that’s a regular fixture at our events.

And then you’ve got Karen running the boards…and I just realized that the three of us are going to totally be outnumbered.

And we promised we’d be opening the phone lines right from the start of the show.

We’re doomed.

Which makes tonight a must-listen live broadcast, doesn’t it?

Of course it does. at 9pm to get you to the live stream and the phone/tablet apps, folks!




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