IT in The D Lives, Upcoming Broadcasts, News, Jobs and Updates for 6/6/2013

Well, it’s official: “IT in The D” is alive and kicking.

Not sure what I’m talking about?  Shame on you.  “IT in The D” is our new, two-hour live internet radio show that takes place on Monday nights from 9pm to 11pm.

We’ll get into that a bit more in a few.

Naturally, we’ve also got some blog entries, a reminder about our event in two weeks, chatter and jobs in our LinkedIn group, and the usual fun and excitement.

So while we’re getting ready for this Monday’s broadcast, let’s get a few things covered…

lI’ll get to the “IT in The D”” stuff in a second..but as always, we kick things off with our next event.

Thursday, June 20th.


Atwater Brewery.

Details out at, on our Facebook page at, or in our Meetup group at

Can’t wait.  Should be awesome.

July will be back at the Blackfinn, and August will be our long-awaited debut in Ann Arbor.

September…well, you’re going to have to wait a bit more for updates about September.  We’ve got irons in a few different fires trying to make it something truly outstanding, so have a little patience while we nail down details.

1u0ulWith that out of the way, let’s talk about IT in The D.

We let you know last week that we were taking the IT in The D name for a ride along with us on a new adventure – a live internet radio show taking place on Monday nights from 9pm to 11pm, and that we were starting this past Monday night.

Well, we started this past Monday night.

To say that we think it went “well” would be an enormous understatement.

We had in studio guests.  We took phone calls.  We bantered.  We popped open beer cans into the mic and giggled like 11 year olds getting away with something.

977477_10151596056023820_1784295636_oYou can read the full recap of our first broadcast here:, and you’ll find links to a cool conference going on this weekend as well as some random musings there as well.

We’re doing it again this Monday night, and we’ve got some great folks joining us in-studio as guests this week too, so you really should tune in and check us out.  The women behind “Girl Develop It” are joining us to chat about the cool stuff they’ve got going on and how you can get involved.  You can find us by hitting on Monday at any time, and you’ll be taken to the page with the live stream and links to the apps for various platforms.  We’ll be firing up at 9pm.

If you’d be so kind as to take a moment to “like” the unique Facebook page that we’ve got running for this over at, it would be most appreciated.  Anything and everything “IT in The D” related that we do will be over there.

playgameOn the blogs front, we’ve got “Shall We Play a Game” out at, which is all about someone asking me how I keep from snapping and killing people day to day, and the fun little game I play in my head to keep that from happening.

And I’ll hit shoot this one out again, since it seems to have struck a bit of a nerve with some people and triggered some interesting discussions – Don’t Be That Guy: The MBA Candidate is out at  Trust us, you don’t want to be this guy.  Confirmations came flying in from all over the place about how quickly word gets around if you are.

That brings us to our LinkedIn group.

As always, there are a decent amount of jobs posted in the group, which you can find here:

And of course the usual round of chatter, which you can find here:  There’s an interesting chat going on about your encrypted hard drives, and what the reality of the situation might be if a judge orders you to decrypt them:  …is it a violation of your 5th amendment rights?  If you’re already encrypting your drives, wouldn’t you have failsafes on them to wipe them?  Read up and chime in:

stewie_prankcallSo, read up on the backstory behind the IT in The D live show at, read the recap of Monday night’s broadcast and preview for this coming week over at, and then we hope you join us at on Monday night at 9pm (note: it’s just aliasing to our site right now, and will do so with the exception of Mondays…at least for right now) for our show.

Because yes, we’re going to be opening up the phone lines right off the bat this time around.

It’s a good thing we’ll have beer.


And then don’t forget to catch up with is in person at the Atwater Brewery on Thursday, June 20th:


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