Free Training Opportunities Available Again

A long time ago…in a galaxy far, far away…

Okay, actually it was only 2009 and it was over in our LinkedIn group…but that hardly sounds cool.

Anyway, once upon a time Christy from New Horizons said “Hey, there’s this new grant that’s out, and it can really help people, and could you maybe help get the word out?”

Ever hear the phrase “Be careful what you wish for”…?


36594285Her phone blew up for about two weeks straight.

The network and server admins at her office got kinda torqued off about how much email was flooding their server.

But…on the plus side, a ton of our members got pushed through a lot of really awesome training.

So this past Friday, Christy’s face appeared on my phone as she was calling, and I knew the conversation was going to be interesting when it started with her saying “Okay…now, I know how much this got out of control the last time I asked you to do this…”

Good times.

So we chatted for a few, she brought me up to speed, and there’s good news for anyone out of work at the moment.

momoneyGuess what, peeps?

Another grant came through!

So, here’s the information you need to know:

Possible grants available for training!!

Do you want to become more marketable with National certifications and training in IT Information Technology (Microsoft, Cisco, Security, PC Technician, ITILv3, Programming, Virtualization), Project Management PMP, Lean Six Sigma, Microsoft Office, or Medical?

Are you laid-off and collecting unemployment?

If so, there may be a new grant available if you qualify.

Space is limited, first come first served.

Please contact: or call directly: 734-853-2077 to get more information today!

Soooooo…get the word out, folks.  Let’s fill up her voicemail and blow up her inbox again.  It’s been a few years…I’m sure the nervous twitch has gone away by now.

UPDATE: I’ve been informed that you can also contact Melissa over at Global Information Technology to take advantage of these same grants.  You can reach her at (248) 557-2480 x 109

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