The 3/13/13 Pink Slip Party Recap



Yes, it’s a few days after our Pink Slip Party on Wednesday 3/13/13, and we’re all still kind of shaking our heads in amazement at how this all came together.

Because what an event it was…

…more than 700 people came together on Wednesday night at St Andrews Hall in downtown Detroit for our latest Pink Slip Party event.

483665_10151356448782005_1733736027_nPeople looking to hire.

People looking to get hired.

People just looking to meet other people.

People…so, so many people.

We’ve always known that these events take on a life of their own and we become basically cogs in the machine…

…but still…wow.

I don’t really think St Andrews Hall knew what to expect from us, and after the chaos from our original IT in The D plans, we were a little gun shy ourselves.  But it worked out really, really well.  Over and over, I heard that night that people were loving having an excuse to get downtown, specifically to St Andrews Hall, because it had been forever since they’d done so.  “It’s like coming back to a reunion in your old high school as a grown up” was probably the best way it was put.

537748_10151356445667005_1265837231_nThe music was courtesy of Alex Belhaj.  You can check him out and contact him for bookings at  Definitely the perfect atmosphere and background music for the night.

And of course we want to profusely thank our sponsors.

Arrow Strategies (, Brightwing (, iTalent ( and The Judge Group ( …sincerely, thank you.  We thank you, our attendees thank you, and even St Andrews Hall thanks you.

With all due seriousness, this event could not have taken place without your assistance, your support, and your belief in us both over the years and today as we continue experimenting with new ideas and concepts.

arrow-logo (1)
Arrow Strategies

And we’re pretty sure that we’ve forever altered the dynamic of our Pink Slip Party events forever.

As a quick follow up on a few items…

– If you’re someone who attended, but didn’t get your resume into us for distribution to the recruiters, please do so within the next day or so.  Trust me, they’re waiting for them.  You can send them in to

brightwing1 (1)

– If you’re a recruiter who attended and hasn’t received the resumes that we got in, please drop us a note to that same email address, and we’ll get them off to you shortly.

– If you have any feedback you’d like to give us about the event that night, we’d love to hear from you:  Every time we tweak something, every move we make, every time we adjust the flow, format or locations…we need feedback from you to know how we’re doing.

Especially since, at least as of right now, it looks like we’ll be heading downtown for a similar event in September.


In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming casual networking event on April 18th in the back room of the Blackfinn in Royal Oak:

Don’t forget that these casual networking events are just as, if not more, valuable to you in the long-term goals of your career.

People still find jobs at our casual networking events just like they show up and make great connections at our Pink Slip Party events.  Don’t think you only have to or want to come out to the events with the cutesie name that the media folks latch on to – the core of our group, and what we hammer on time and time again – is networking.  Cultivating great relationships.  And, of course, good beer.

Judge Group

We’re not going to pull in all of the photos here – they’re all out on Facebook, and that’s a good place for them.

You can catch them on our page at

We’ll see you on April 18th.


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