Help “IT in the D” Lose The Egg


Okay, look.

Nobody likes eggs on Twitter.

You don’t like ’em

I don’t like ’em.

And you’re lucky I’m not doing a cheesy rip-off of Green Eggs and Ham right now.

But you’ve got graphic skills, and we’ve got a conference in March to run.

So how about we work out a little deal…

You help us ditch the egg by whipping up a twitter-friendly graphic we can use as the profile pic for @ITinTheD, and we’ll give you two free tickets to IT in the D and let everyone know you’re the one that created it.

Imagine the fame! The glory! The…

…yeah, kind of over-selling this a bit.

Hey, worst case scenario – you win, we tell people you did it, you show up at IT in the D and we buy you a few drinks, too.



So, how will we do this?

You have until 11:59pm Eastern Time on Saturday, December 8th to get us your submission using the form below.

We will then, at our discretion, attempt to choose a winner on Sunday, December 9th.

If the three of us can’t agree unanimously on a winner (and this is highly likely going to be the case…seriously, we hardly ever agree on stuff like this), then from Monday, December 10th through Thursday, December 13th we will have a public posting and let you vote to help us decide on a winner, which will be announced on Friday, December 14th.

Winner gets two free tickets to IT in the D.

The two runners-up each get one free ticket to IT in the D.

Any and all other entrants will be put into a pool, and one randomly drawn winner will also win a free ticket to IT in the D.



Oops! We could not locate your form.

  1. Hugh Purcell says

    I submitted a modest, meager, measly and mostly awful graphic to your “crack the egg”…or whatever effort. This submission is/was intended only as a rough-sketch concept. If you have opened the file, I don’t need to tell you I am no graphic artist. Really….I can hear you LOLing, so please regain some control. After submitting, I saw the “IT in the D” with skyline graphic you already have. It is quite good. Can’t you use that?

    1. Dave says

      Ah, we wouldn’t laugh. Okay, maybe we’d laugh 🙂 But to answer your question, we can’t use the skyline image for Twitter because it’s too wide, and can’t be easily compressed, cropped, or redone in order to make it compatible with the sizing requirements.

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