IT in the D: Speakers and Tickets, Upcoming Events and More for 11/7/2012

I bet you think you’re going to get some snarky political commentary this morning, don’t you?

Wrong.  Too tired.

Hopefully we can all put the insanity of the past few months behind us, re-friend and unhide each other on Facebook, start following each other on Twitter again, and look forward rather than backwards.

Because there’s a lot through the front windshield.  Enough that there’s no time to worry about what’s behind us.

Not only do we have our casual networking event for metro Detroit information technology professionals next week at the BlackFinn, but we’re seriously rolling with “IT in the D“.  Our Call for Speakers went live, and we’ve already received some phenomenal submissions.  Early Bird registration tickets are officially now available.

And that’s just scratching the surface, so let’s get started…

Thursday, November 15th. Royal Oak. BlackFinn. Back room. 5:01pm start time.

Details are available on our site or on LinkedIn at Naturally, you can also find info out on our Facebook ( page, Meetup ( group, or any of our other “presence” pages or event listings around the web…but we always recommend sticking with our site as your primary resource, just to be 100% safe.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

From a blog perspective, the original Don’t Be That Guy bubbled up, so you might want to check out what started that particular ball rolling over at

Take a good, long look at your network…and then run it through the Bachelor Party Hypothesis filter and see how things look.  Not sure what that is or means?  Check it out over at

Now…on to “IT in the D“.

The basics can be found here:  That will tell you our goals, and give you a high level overview of what we have in the works for that day.

Our Call For Speakers is live over at, and while we’re definitely starting to bulge at the seams a bit when it comes to content, we also want to make sure that we have a day full of the best the area has to offer.  So it remains open for now, and we’ll likely lock it down and start formalizing schedules next month.  If you’re interested in speaking, it doesn’t have to be hardcore tech to be considered.  We’re planning on having a range of presentations, talks, and panels that will have benefits for and engage a wide and diverse audience…

…because, after all, our demographic is pretty wide and diverse, and so we want to ensure that we cover as many bases as we can.

So don’t be shy!  We’ve already gotten some great topics in, but we’re still open to hear more.  Hit and let us know what you’ve got trapped in that brain of yours that people need to hear.

Tickets.  Yep, tickets are now available.  You can check out the details on our Early Bird registration which will last through December 1st (or until those first 200 tickets are gone) here:

We really, truly think we’re putting together something that’s going to at least meet our own expectations…which means that we’re planning on blowing yours out of the water.  We hope you’ll join us.

As a reminder, you can always hit our LinkedIn group to catch some great discussions and chats about things going on out at, and there are some pretty solid jobs posted right now at if you’re in the market or even just curious.

In the interests of saving time…I think we’ll wrap it there for this week.

Look forward to seeing you next week at BlackFinn, and don’t forget to check out everything going on with IT in the D.


Bob, Dave and Jeff
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