The Pre-Labor Day Weekend 2012 News, Jobs and Updates

Well, it’s almost time for a nice, long three day weekend.

Time for some grillin’ and some chillin’, and if you’re like me at all…probably some drinkin’ and some thinkin’ along the way.

But…it’s not here yet…so let’s catch you up a bit around here.

I’ve got an update on The $20 Lesson for you.  A few blog entries popped back up.  A quick update on the golf outing went out.  Some good chats and jobs posted in our LinkedIn group.  Our next event is still a few weeks out.  There’s still time to help us get in the running as a Best Website for Your Career.

I’m not going to even pretend that my brain’s not already halfway to “long weekend” mode, folks.  So let’s just dive in…

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Our next event will be one of our casual networking events, and it will take place on Thursday, September 20th in the back room of the BlackFinn in Royal Oak.  As always, you can find the details on our site – or on LinkedIn (, Facebook (, Meetup (, or any of our other “presence” pages or event listings around the web.

We look forward to seeing you there.

While you’re waiting for that to get here, naturally we have some reading material for you to help pass the time.

Two comics, a geek and a twenty dollar bill prove that networking has some universal constants regardless of industry.  The $20 Lesson went live out at  If you read it before, and you’re curious about what happened with Goliath…well, I just updated it with last night’s events.  See for yourself at that same link.

There’s still time for you to go nominate us as a Best Website for Your Career, which we naturally think you should do.  So go read and find out the whys, hows, and whats.

The Inevitable Golf Outing is…well, it’s still “inevitable”…it’s just being postponed.  If you were one of those interested, you can check out the details here – – and I promise it’ll actually be more interesting when we get the details right.


.001% are this good. 100% think they are.

How Not To Suck At Being a Developer bubbled up over at, and it’s a good read with some solid advice.

Another in that vein is the Don’t Be That Guy: The Tactic Sales Guy out at

Now to check in on our LinkedIn group over at

Among the various discussions taking place, there’s one about why accepting a counter-offer might not be your best way to go (, as well as one from someone who wants to know of a good way to dispose of a ton of floppy disks.  Like “real” floppy disks.  Like 5.25″ floppy disks.  I know, crazy…and you can chime in on that as well (

There are a whole bunch of jobs posted in there as well over at  Companies looking for recruiters, developers, testers, QA, trainers…all sorts of great gigs in there.  Give ’em a look and see if anything catches your eye.

That’s all for this time.

One last reminder to go read and nominate us!


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