We Want Your Vote, Event Recaps, Other Events, News, Jobs and Updates for 8/22/2012

Well, we’ve had a full week.

We’re looking for your help on getting us nominated as a “best website for your career”.  There’s an event taking place tonight you might want to check out.

A few old blog entries bubbled back up, and a couple new ones went live.

We’ve got our next event in a couple of weeks back in Royal Oak.

The usual fun and excitement in our LinkedIn group.

So let’s go ahead and dive in…

First thing’s first – time for you to help us out a bit.

There’s this little thing taking place with Forbes magazine about the best websites for your career.

We want in.

Now, we very rarely ask for your help with anything, and we certainly aren’t the kind of blowhards that walk around making sure that everyone knows exactly how cool we think we are.

But we’re going to take our humble hats off for a moment and let it fly.

There aren’t many sites, or groups, floating around that do what we do…at least not how we do things.  From way back during the first incarnation in 2001, through our rebirth in 2007, and then our insane growth since we started doing the Pink Slip Party events back in 2009…lots of people have tried to do what we do, pretended to do what we do, lied about doing what we do…but we still feel confident in saying that none of them do what we do.  We’re closing in on 400 hires taking place directly as a result of our events in the past couple of years.  We’ve dedicated countless hours putting events together, answering emails, posting hundreds of entries from Don’t Be That Guy (http://www.ITinTheD.com/category/dbtg/) to How Not To Suck (http://www.ITinTheD.com/category/hints/).  We’ve got networking basics (http://www.ITinTheD.com/category/networking-basics/), entries for job seekers (http://www.ITinTheD.com/category/jobseek/) and recruiters (http://www.ITinTheD.com/category/for-recruiters/), and we even managed to do some good in other areas with an event for the troops (http://www.ITinTheD.com/category/meet-the-troops/) that we’ll be repeating at the end of this year.

And yes, laughingly, this is still something we do in what we jokingly refer to as “our free time”.  It’s not a job, it’s not even a side income stream.  We don’t charge anyone anything to come to our events, no matter how many times people have told us that we could or should.  We don’t take “referral fees” from any of those hires that have taken place.  We don’t accept kickbacks from the venues in which we hold our events…hell, we even cover our own tabs while we’re there.  The business cards, registration cards, other random expenses that come up in the course of trying to do what we do in the way we want to do it…we just cover them.  All three of us realize that we’re exceedingly lucky to be where we are in our careers and lives, and so it’s an easy enough thing for us to handle.

So yeah…we think we’re a website that’s pretty damned good for your career.  We hope you do as well.

And if you do, then by all means you should go read thishttp://www.ITinTheD.com/3999/best-website-for-your-career/ – and then follow up to get us nominated.

What happens after that?  Who knows.  We’re just trying to get a ticket to the ball at this point.  We’ll worry about our dance steps later.

Speaking of dance steps…we did a little two-step shuffling at our event last week down at Detroit Beer Company.  For a full recap, you can check out http://www.ITinTheD.com/3993/recap-08172012/  Definitely a solid event – easily our best downtown event to date – and we’re looking forward to doing more in 2013.

It’ll have to be 2013, because we’re already booked out for the rest of this year – http://www.ITinTheD.com/meet/.  Our next event will be on Thursday, September 20th, and will be in the back room of the Black Finn in Royal Oak.  You can find the details here on our site – http://www.ITinTheD.com/event/september-casual-networking-social/ or over on LinkedIn at http://linkd.in/P0pRyr

While you’re waiting for that event to get here, we’ve got some reading material for you.

Don’t Be That Guy: The Cracker Barrel Conundrum bubbled back up over at http://www.ITinTheD.com/2094/dont-be-that-guy-the-cracker-barrel-conundrum/.  This one was written after…well, after an idiot sent in an email in response to one of our other Don’t Be That Guy entries.  We also had The New and Improved 10 Commandments of Networking pop back up over at http://www.ITinTheD.com/2697/the-new-and-improved-10-commandments-of-networking/ – always a solid read, and definitely covers the basics of networking, and our group, fairly well.

From the How Not To Suck department, How Not To Suck at Facebook is out at http://www.ITinTheD.com/2442/how-not-to-suck-at-facebook/

You’ve read all of those already?  Well, have you read It’s Kind of a Funny Thing over at http://www.ITinTheD.com/3983/kind-of-a-funny-thing/ yet?  You might not think that stand up comics and IT professionals have much in common…and, well, you’d be wrong.

If you have some time tonight, I’m sure that the Share A Smile group would love to see you at their event over at Uptown Grille in Commerce Township.  You can catch the details here: http://www.ITinTheD.com/3957/beer-for-a-good-cause/

As always, there are tons of good discussions and jobs posted in our LinkedIn group.  Hop on over to http://www.linkedin.com/groups/ITintheDorg-Detroit-Networking-Events-IT-91763 and dive in.

That’s all for this time.

One last reminder to go read http://www.ITinTheD.com/3999/best-website-for-your-career/ and nominate us!


Bob, Dave and Jeff

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