Bootstrapping and Back Slapping

Okay, so last call for tonight’s comedy club opening, and an interesting note came in from AT&T folks about their “bootstrap week” series of free webinars that they have going on.

So, the details…

Hope to see you tonight at The Detroit Funnies – for some back slappin’ and laughter.  Or at least laughter.  And no, you’re not allowed to slap me anywhere else if you show up.

As to the AT&T Bootstrap week, here are the details:

To give you a brief overview of the program, Bootstrap week is a new webinar program that provides one week of free web sessions each month focused on providing developers and designers with the opportunity to learn about new technologies (e.g. frameworks and APIs) and improve their skills with technologies they currently use. Below is the message we’ve been sending to mailing lists:


 We would like to invite you to our brand new program Bootstrap Week.  For one week a month, continuing August 9th – August 12th, we are bringing you online presentations to assist you to build smarter, faster, and on more platforms.  Improve your current skills or learn new ones, allowing you to integrate new services into your current or future projects. Each presentation will feature 30 minutes of content from experts, who will then assist you in troubleshooting your code, designs, or answering your development questions.

For more information and links to RSVP, please visit:

Just as a heads up, I pointed out to them that clicking on any of the links once you’re there results in “no tickets available”.  Ignore that, apparently:

Sorry about the no tickets available, we’ve been trying to change that because we don’t want people to register through eventbrite, our real registraton site is what it leads to when you click ‘Register’. We’ve tried to remove the ‘no tickets available’ but eventbrite requires the field.

So, it’s worth checking out.  Hey, it’s free…what’s the worst that can happen, right?


Have a great weekend, folks.  Hope to see some of you tonight, but if not, I’ll catch up with you soon, I’m sure.