Next Stop: Downtown – News, Jobs and Updates for 7/25/2012

Well, we had a great event last week at Clubhouse BFD.

A more more old blog entries have bubbled up, and a new one has gone live.

We’re still working on the golf outing.

Detroit Beer Company is the destination for our next casual networking event.

Our LinkedIn group is always a good source of info, jobs and discussions.

So let’s hit some details..

Our next casual networking event for Information Technology professionals here in the metro Detroit area will be on Thursday, August 16th and will take place downtown at the Detroit Beer Company.

Details can be found on our site – and on LinkedIn

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.  As we get closer, we’ll provide some details on where you should be thinking about parking, and other fun stuff.  And remember – don’t be Surburbanite Kryptonite – come on down and have a good time.

That’s one blast from the past that happened recently as old posts are getting bubbled up.  My very first “That Guy” entry that I ever wrote was another, and that’s available over at  Tips from recruiters to job seekers have gotten published from time to time as well, and The Recruiter Strikes Back 3 is up at

A new entry also recently went live – Shall We Play A Game at – which is a fun little mental game you can play in your head to keep you from snapping at people during the day.

If you’re wondering what happened last week at Clubhouse BFD, you can read the recap over at …and for those who missed meeting Sidney and hearing about his Comedy Club opening up on Friday, August 3rd – check him out at, catch him on Facebook, and get yourself there.  Should be a good time…and while it’s not a “” event, I’m sure you’ll see plenty of familiar faces there hanging out and having a good time.

We’re still moving forward with the golf outing, and you should check out the details here:

In our LinkedIn group, sure, you can always see jobs that are posted in the Career Discussions area at but honestly you’ll get more out of it and get to know people by diving into some of the chats and conversations going on.  Like a backlash in the geek culture against hot girls pretending to be geeks just to get some attention (, a take on social media and age (, a chat that evolved into how recruiters can get more out of our group (, the value of CompTIA and other security certifications ( and more.  So, seriously…dive on in.

I think we’ll keep it short and sweet this week.  You’ve got everything you need.

See you all on the 16th:


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