Quick Updates for Pink Slip Party on Thursday

I’m really starting to remember why we haven’t done one of these Pink Slip Party events in a while…whew.

But, I’ll refrain from whining.  For now.  Heaven help you all when this is over and I can relax with a few drinks.

Let’s get you some updated info for Thursday night…

I'm not saying we save lives. I'm just sayin'...you never know...

61 recruiters from 45 companies have let us know that they’re coming.

Some of you were cool enough to help my eye twitch by RSVP’ing, and we’re up to 94 on the LinkedIn event listing – http://linkd.in/zZ6XhJ – and another 30 or so out on http://meetup.ITinTheD.org.

Ought to be an…interesting…event.

So, some tips and tricks as we move closer to Thursday night’s event:

Recruiters, get there early.  I’d recommend no later than about 4:30 if you can swing it.  Get there, get yourself introduced to us and clue us in as to what you’re looking for so that we can funnel traffic your way throughout the night, and then get yourself situated in the room.  If you sent us an email, we’ll have a badge waiting for you at the table when you get there.

Job seekers, be prepared.  You already have business cards, right?  You know where it is, how to get there, and all of that fun stuff, right?  You read the 10 Commandments of Networking, especially the “no elevator pitches” part, right?  Keep it simple and easy as you’re walking around introducing yourselves to people.

Park in the big parking structure.  You know, that big one that’s right there in the middle of everything by the train tracks.  Park there.  It’s right by Woody’s, and it’ll be all of $5 for the entire time you’re there.  Totally worth it, don’t mess with trying to find street parking.

Yes, Woody’s has an elevator.  Two of them, actually.  Don’t know what you ladies have been up to, but I know three of you sent in emails over a four day span asking this question due to a recently broken foot…

Know what we are before you show up.  I have already sent out the “double top secret probation” version of our FAQs too many times in the past week.  It lives here: http://www.ITinTheD.com/read/  If you can read that and still want to come, then you can move on to the real FAQs – http://www.ITinTheD.com/meet/faq/ – to find out more.  We are in and around Information Technology only.  Yes, project managers, analysts, and anyone else that’s typically attached to IT work “counts”.  Fruit basket salespeople, those looking to do nothing more than pimp other events using us as a marketing platform, and pushy Multi Level Marketing Guy do not.

We good?


See you in a little over 48 hours…