Don’t Stop Believing

Just when I’ve had a brain-numbing week…

Just when I think I’ve had about enough drama, intrigue, politics and nonsense with regards to this whole “networking” thing…

Something really cool shows up and balances me out again.

Like this…

Just got this email in from Mike C.:

Hi Dave,

My first mixer to attend was in February in Rochester and I talked with you at that time. You listened to my story and immediately suggested an A/V Support position at Care Tech Solutions with Amy Bartkiewicz. I’m the 55 year old guy that previously owned a home theater store and TV service operation and was trying to redirect into IT service management.

I spoke with Amy the next morning and the position was already filled but after chatting for a few minutes she volunteered to schedule me for an interview in their Help Desk department. I began work yesterday and am very excited with the opportunity. They seem like a first class organization and I am impressed with their on-boarding process. I am starting at the bottom, which is OK because that is where I belong for now. I am hopeful that in time they will recognize my potential.

My point is that the last little bit of extra effort on your part remembering a job that you were not even sure you should post and then mentioning it to me REALLY has the potential to make a difference in my life. I am going to work hard and do my best to make the most of the opportunity you had a hand in generating.

Thanks again!

So, other than “Seriously…you’re more than welcome, Mike”, there are a few things of note here:

  1. You never know when even a random job lead can help someone.
  2. It doesn’t happen overnight…but between our even on February 16th in Rochester Hills and this past Monday, April 2nd…that’s around six weeks.  Not too bad.
  3. Job and career changes are still alive and well.
  4. Yep, our events work.

Good times.

So, again – you’re more than welcome, Mike…and congratulations on the new job.  Looking forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events – – to buy you a beer and celebrate properly.

Oh, and one last thing…because it’s been a long week…already…and I can’t possibly be the only one that needs this right now…a little something for those of you that didn’t get a note like the above.