LAST CALL Casual Networking Event Tonight, Coat Check Added

Last call folks.

We’ve got our event tonight at Rochester Mills in Rochester Hills.  Look forward to seeing everyone there.  And the rumor mill has it that there might be a few folks who were happily working away at Compuware until just recently that might have suddenly found themselves in the market looking for a new job.

Well…not that you need one for our events, but the invitation’s extended.  There will be plenty of recruiters looking to hire people at our event tonight, so don’t be shy.  I know it’s rough, and I know it sucks the life out of you when you get caught short like that…but, seriously, we’ve all been there.  Don’t sweat it.  C’mon out and let one of us buy you a beer and get your ass back to work as soon as is humanly possible.

So, the details for tonight…

Rochester Mills. Rochester Hills. 5:01pm start time. Walk in, head towards the bar…walk past the bar (I know, that’ll be hard…you can stop and grab something on your way past it if you really need to), and there we’ll be. Nice big and open area, tables, some comfy chairs, all part of the “experimenting with someplace new” process. Really looking forward to it. Rumor has it that we might even have a few pool tables set aside for us.

There’s also a rather enterprising young woman who’s going to be doing a coat check service for us.  She’s started her own business doing this, and it’s $3 to check your coat with her.  Rochester Mills doesn’t have one, and so we thought this would be something cool to have available.  Plus, it’s a good idea to encourage people who are doing something other than just whining about the job market and actually creating their own opportunities.

Oh, and for the record – nope, not getting a kickback from her either.  Just sayin’.

Details can be found on our site at or on LinkedIn at

If you missed yesterday’s updates at, check ’em out, because there are plenty of jobs to be had.

See you there!